Snack Ideas That Have a Money Theme



Money-themed snacks create an opulent atmosphere of wealth for any celebration. Several ways exist to present edible money, ranging from modern bills to gold coins to cash-related treats from around the world.

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Glittering Treasure


Present an old-fashioned picture of prosperity with a pile of golden treasure. Chocolate coins covered in gold-colored foil are the simplest money-themed party snack you can serve. Because they come already wrapped, these coins are also convenient for goody bags or table centerpieces. Use chocolate coins as toppings on cakes or cupcakes. Sprinkle brightly colored candies among the chocolate coins to add gems to your pile of gold.

Personalized Birthday Money


To celebrate a birthday or achievement, create rewards in the form of personalized money. Use a rectangular cookie cutter and green frosting to make dollar bill cookies. A real dollar bill is roughly 6 by 2 1/2 inches; your cookies can be smaller, but should have the same general proportions. If you're celebrating a birthday or someone's new job, consider drawing a caricature of them in place of George Washington, if you're handy with an icing pen. Alternatively, create circular cakes or cookies and decorate them as coins with the guest of honor's profile in the center, or spread them around a photo of the person.

Cultural Money Snacks


Many cultures share a tradition of representing wealth with food. For instance, in China, the jiaozi dumpling represents prosperity because its crescent-like shape resembles a traditional gold ingot. Similarly, you can make your own wontons filled with minced meat and vegetables and tie them off with thread at the top to give them an appearance similar to a purse or money bag.

Other Themes


Even ordinary snacks can contribute to a money theme if presented correctly. For example, serve mints, candies or nuts in stiff card coin wrappers with one or both ends closed to hold the pieces inside. Bind together flat treats such as chocolate bars using bank bill wrappers. Displaying other snacks in loot bags or treasure chests helps reinforce the theme.

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