How to Maintain a Friendship When You’re in Different Life Stages

One thing that becomes clear as we move through our 20s and 30s is just how easy it is to end up in a very different lif

Young Relationships Are Poisoned by Poor Parenting and Cultural Misogyny, Not Hookup Culture

"American parents aren't teaching today's youth about healthy relationship strategies, so alternate forces are driving r

Are You Codependent or Do You Just Have Regular Emotional Needs? How to Spot the Difference

I have to admit: I’m often pretty codependent in my relationships. Sometimes I’ll decide to not speak up about something

Why So Many Married Couples Look Alike

"Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe (shown attending the 2015 DVF Awards at the United Nations) sure look like siblings

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Married

Getting married is a big step (they don’t call it taking the plunge for nothing!). The person you choose as a life partn

9 Signs a Relationship Isn’t Right, Even if Nothing is “Wrong”

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To Make Up After a Row, Men Want Sex, Women Want Quality Time

"A new study looked at the reconciliation tactics of men and women after a romantic conflict. YuriF/Getty ImagesYou act

This Is Why Humans Don’t Have a Mating Season

"Some mammals have specific times of year when they mate and reproduce. That's not the case for us primates, though. Wun

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