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Why Are People Eating Activated Charcoal?

"Charcoal popsicle, anyone? Yes, activated charcoal is even making its way into frozen treats, but how factual are claim

How soon after bankruptcy can I buy a house?

"You may have to wait a bit to qualify for a home loan, but you'll be back on your feet a lot sooner than you think.Fuse

Will bankruptcy keep me from getting a loan?

"If you've filed for bankruptcy and need a loan, be sure to pay bills on time and try to curb your debts.Rob Daly/Getty

What is asset discovery in bankruptcy?

"You could face criminal charges if you file for bankruptcy and purposefully conceal information about an asset.Image So

Does filing for bankruptcy hurt your credit score?

"Though filing for bankruptcy will hurt your score initially, sometimes it's the best choice in the long haul.relif/Thin

How can you protect certain assets from bankruptcy?

"If you want to protect some of your assets, you'll want to start planning long before you’re at the center of bankruptc

Will bankruptcy affect my spouse’s money?

"Will bankruptcy affect your spouse? That depends on how much debt you share as a couple.Goldmund Lukic/Getty ImagesYour

How are secured claims treated in bankruptcy?

"Secured claims refers to creditors that still have an interest in property you own.moodboard/ThinkstockFiling for bankr

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