How to Enclose a Chimney on the Outside of the House

Choose chimney enclosures to match the house and locale. Image Credit: Lucas Allen/Lifesize/Getty Images

How Put an 80-Inch Door Into a 78-Inch Frame

Things You'll Need Tape measure2 sawhorses3-inch masking tapeStraightedgePencilCircular saw150-grit sandpaperChiselHamme

How to Attach Pedestal Legs to a Dining Table

Things You'll Need Wood blocks, 1 1/2-inch thickTable saw or miter sawDrill bit, 3/16-inchDrill/driverWood glueScrews, 2

How to Replace the Roof of a Metal Storage Shed

Things You'll Need DrillScrewsMetal roof paneling and trimButyl tape Metal roofs are ideal for structures such a

Secret to Removing Makeup Stains from Clothes

Makeup stains are one of the most common fabric stains, and can be difficult to remove...or so you may think! The truth

Everything You Need to Organize Your Life

Think about the part of your home that you have no idea how to organize, or that you wish you could keep tidier. That di

DIY Scented Vinegars for Cleaning Tutorial

Vinegar is one of the most amazing cleaners, but the smell can be a little overwhelming (dare we say, unpleasant?) to so

How to Get Baby Oil Out of Your Pool

Things You'll Need Cloth pads, either commercial or cloth baby diapersPool skimmerFilter degreaser A pool skimme

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