Differences Between Bellinis & Mimosas

Mimosas, often served garnished with orange slices, add sparkle to a meal. Image Credit: Jupiterimages/Brand X

Shrunken Head Apple Martini

For a Halloween cocktail that is equal parts delicious and devilish, serve a caramel apple martini garnished with a tiny

How to Make Long Island Iced Tea Jello Shots

If youre a fan of mixed drinks, youve likely had your fair share of Long Island iced teas. But have you ever had it in t

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Fettuccine Alfredo isn't usually paired with beer, but that never stops a true beer lover -- nor should it. Im

What Is a Zombie Glass?

A zombie glass bears a strong resemblance to many common glasses, though its purpose is slightly different. A

How to Infuse Vodka With Jalapenos

If youre a vodka enthusiast, you should definitely consider infusions. Because vodka has a neutral taste to begin with,

How to Make a Bloody Mary Bar

Bloody Mary Bar Image Credit: Elizabeth Biscevic Want to throw the perfect brunch party? Surprise your gue

How to Make a Rainbow Smoothie

Its the beginning of a wonderful day, and youre craving a smoothie. You can practically taste the cold and fruity flavor

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