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5 Ideas for a Quick and Light Dinner

"A well-stocked pantry can help you put together meals in minutes. See more easy weeknight meals

How IRS Tax Return Transcripts Work

"If you can't quite put your finger on copies of your tax returns, the IRS can help you out.marcnorman/iStockphoto/Think

Jeans are Everywhere! Top 10 Trends in Jeans

"Arguably the most popular clothing item in the world, the blue jean was invented in America in 1873 by Levi Strauss and

Loose Powder vs. Pressed: Which is best for me?

"Loose powder of the mineral makeup variety. Someone wisely traded the puff that came with it for a brush. Good move.iSt

5 Flattering Ideas for High-waisted Pants

"Do you have the figure, or courage, for high-waisted pants, like Jessica Simpson does?Chris Gordon/WireImage/Getty Imag

How the Health Care Tax Credits Worked

"The Health Care Tax Credit made health insurance more affordable for some groups, until it expired to make way for the

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