Gotcha! 11 Fun and Easy April Fool’s Day Pranks for Kids


11 April Fool's Day Pranks for Kids | If you're looking for fun and easy practical jokes to play on your kids or students - or for your kids or students to play on their parents, siblings, friends, or teachers - this post has lots of great ideas to inspire you! Most of these work as last minute pranks, and they offer a bit of light-hearted humor without being mean-spirited. We have options for groups and for families, and you may even use some of these for work - they are really funny!

While I’m not a fan of practical jokes, there are tons of easy April Fool’s Day pranks for kids that help make the day fun without being mean-spirited. Whether you’re looking for pranks to play on your kids or students, or want to give them ideas to play on their parents, friends, or teachers, we’ve curated 11 easy April Fool’s Day pranks for kids below!

11 April Fool’s Day Pranks for Kids

1. Replace their favorite snacks with healthy foods
Carefully open the packaging on your little one’s favorite junk food (i.e. a bag of chips) and fill it with healthy foods before sealing it back up. This is a great option if you want to prank your child at school as you can pack the deceiving treat in his or her lunch. And if you’re looking for April Fool’s Day pranks for kids to play on their friends, you can help them fill a box of doughnuts or a pizza box with fruit and/or veggie sticks and have them take it to school as a class ‘treat’!

2. Have fun with superglue
Another one of my favorite April Fool’s Day pranks for kids is to get creative with superglue. You can use it to seal an already opened bag of chips or a box of doughnuts or pizza, or any other bag or box your child wants to get inside of.

3. Change the wifi password
This is another great joke that can be played on anyone in the family. Make sure to update the password on everyone’s devices except the person you’re trying to prank so they think there’s something wrong with their device!

4. Coat your door handles with hand cream
This will make them extra-slippery and hard to open!

5. Tape a photo of someone’s face on one of your windows
Blow up a photo of a family member, friend, or favorite cartoon character and tape it to one of your windows so the photo is facing inside the house, and then close the curtains. When the opportunity strikes, ask your child to open the curtains and watch their reaction! Another option is to put a photo inside one of your child’s drawers so that it’s visible when they open it.

6. Make fake cake pops
When it comes to April Fool’s Day pranks for kids, this is probably one of the grossest, lol! If your little one loves cake pops as much as we do, a simple but believable practical joke is to cover something they hate with chocolate and then put it on a stick. You can use melon balls or a round piece of apple, or you can make it extra gross by using Brussels sprouts or round pieces of uncooked squash. You may want to have real cake pops at the ready to help alleviate their disgust and disappointment!

7. Get creative with googly eyes
My friend’s husband once put a giant set of huge googly eyes on their fridge for April Fool’s Day, which absolutely delighted their children, and they’ve kept the excitement going ever since. One year they put mini googly eyes on all of the eggs in their fridge, and another year they put them on all of the glasses in their kitchen cupboards. It’s a fun and harmless way to add a little excitement to the day!

8. Switch the contents inside your juice cartons
If you’re looking for April Fool’s Day pranks for kids to play on someone else, this is a fun one you can help them with. If you have a few cartons of juice and/or milk in the fridge, carefully pour the contents of each into separate jugs or bowls and rinse the cartons out. Using a funnel, you can then pour each one back into a different container and watch with delight as someone pours apple juice over their morning bowl of cereal.

9. Make caramel onions
I like this prank as it can be played on multiple people at the same time so it doesn’t feel as though one person is being targeted. Make up a batch of ‘caramel apples’, but instead of using apples, replace them with onions. You can wrap these up with clear packaging and a few bows for your child to take to school with them, making this one of the best April Fool’s Day pranks for kids to play on their friends!

10. Rearrange the furniture
This is another fun practical joke you can play on anyone in your family. When your target goes to sleep for the night, rearrange the furniture in a particular room so they wake up and feel confused. Better yet, give your child’s room a total room makeover while they’re at school!

11. Stuff your child’s shoes with toilet paper
My final idea for those who are looking for April Fool’s Day pranks for kids is an oldie but goodie: stuff the front of your little one’s shoes with toilet paper so they can’t fit their feet inside. The trick with this prank is not to use too much TP so their shoes only feel slightly smaller than usual, causing them to question if their feet grew overnight!

If you’re looking for April Fool’s Day pranks for kids, I hope this post inspires you! Whether you use these on your own family or give these ideas to your children so they can prank their friends, they offer a fun way to get into the spirit without being too mean.

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