How to Attach Pedestal Legs to a Dining Table

Things You'll Need Wood blocks, 1 1/2-inch thickTable saw or miter sawDrill bit, 3/16-inchDrill/driverWood glueScrews, 2

How to Replace the Roof of a Metal Storage Shed

Things You'll Need DrillScrewsMetal roof paneling and trimButyl tape Metal roofs are ideal for structures such a

How to Stop a Boiler Leak

Things You'll Need Boiler stop-leak productGarden hoseScrewdriver A leaky boiler can result in heat loss and hig

Is it Normal for Pink Batt Insulation to Turn Partially Gray?

Discolored attic insulation sometimes results from outdoor air pollution. Image Credit: NA/

How to Use Paint Thinner for Tint Removal

Window tinting film is typically applied to car windows. It limits the amount of sunlight that reaches the inside of the

Resurfacing Formica Countertops With Quikrete

The composite materials used to make Formica give it a unique look while providing durability to your countertop surface

How to Fix a Falling Closet

Things You'll Need Plywood or other woodPencilCircular sawSandpaperPaintPaintbrushWooden support strips, 1 inch thickStu

How to Patch a Hole in the Roof

Things You'll Need Roofing cementPlastic putty knifeAdhesive drywall patchPaint stir stickNewspaper Patching a r

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