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Sandwiches Made by Famous Chefs and Restaurateurs

"Shake Shack’s real standout is its burgers.David Bee/LightMotive FilmsWhile the sandwich may have started out as a humb

5 Ideas for a Quick and Light Dinner

"A well-stocked pantry can help you put together meals in minutes. See more easy weeknight meals

5 Cooking Tools for Quick Dinners

"Want a little help with dinner? Keep these tools on hand. See more easy weeknight meals pictures.Digital Vision/Thinkst

How Ketchup Works

"Kids have a special love for ketchup. Westend61/Getty ImagesAbout 97 percent of Americans have a bottle of ketchup in t

No Milk, No Espresso, All Science: Frothing Up a Dairy-Free Latte

"Screenshot from ChefSteps video on making a latte with no milk! ChefStepsIf the only thing that gets you going in the m

What was the world’s biggest sandwich?

"That's a pretty big sandwich, but it's definitely not the world's biggest sandwich!iStockphoto/ThinkstockWhen it comes

How Cakes Work

"A pastry chef puts the finishing touches on a wedding cake at the Culinary Institute of America. Richard T. Nowitz/Gett

5 Super Salsa Recipes

"From sweet juicy mangoes to spicy peppers, salsa is full of flavors that tantalize the palate. See more pictures of int

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