How to Open a Mini Keg


Things You’ll Need

  • Mini keg

  • Cold beer mugs

... About 14 12-ounce cups can be poured ROM a mini keg.

Mini kegs have become a popular addition to small home parties or get together as they allow for a smaller amount of beer than a regular size keg yet with more convenience than individual cans. Some can be kept fresh for up to thirty days in the fridge, and allow for a cheaper price per pint than single serving bottles. With a few simple preparations, frothy beer straight from a keg can be had at home without breaking the bank, or your back.

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Step 1

Set the mini keg on the counter so that the hole where the spout is on the bottom and faces outwards off the edge.

Step 2

Insert the spout or beer line provided with the keg.

Step 3

Unscrew the cap covering the hole in the top of the keg by twisting it counter-clockwise. Set it aside.

Step 4

Place the cups underneath the spout, which should be hanging over the side of the counter.

Step 5

Push the lever on the spout firmly to one side, allowing the beer to flow out. Tilt the glass on at 45 degree angle while pouring to reduce the amount of foam.


A mini keg generally holds 1.32 gallons of beer, or 14 12-ounce cups.


Mini-kegs cannot be reused, so just recycle them when they are done.

Read how long the beer can be kept for, as this varies with different mini-kegs.

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