10 Clever Ways to Reuse Empty Candle Jars


Though the wax may be long gone, the jar from an empty candle can find new life. Empty candle jars are best used for crafting and organizational projects around your home. Even if you get them really clean, some fragrance may linger, so empty candle jars may not be ideal for storing anything edible.

Pouring hot soy wax into glass jars

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1. Make More Candles

There are plenty of ways to recycle empty candle jars, but why not just reuse them for their original purpose? If you find yourself in possession of a small collection of empty jars, it could be the perfect time to experiment with candle making. It can be a pretty simple project, even for beginners.

Handmade white and yellow jar candles

2. Wrap Small Gifts

The next time you're giving a small gift that's delicate or hard to wrap, try using an empty candle jar as packaging. It's sturdy enough to protect whatever you place inside, and it's easy to wrap or decorate. Paint the jar to conceal what's inside or wrap a thick ribbon around the jar.

Christmas pine cones with glass jar

3. Organize Odds and Ends

Everyone has them: those drawers and baskets where you toss stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else. Small jars can be perfect for organizing whatever odds and ends clutter your space. Cluster them on a decorative tray to hold assorted hair ties, lip glosses and other beauty items or use empty jars to corral nails and screws on a messy workbench. Larger jars can be used to corral makeup brushes.

Make-up artist sorting through brushes on a table

4. Store Homemade Lotion

Experimenting with making homemade lotion lets you customize the scent and texture, avoid artificial ingredients and save some serious cash. Once you've perfected your recipe, keeping the lotion in an airtight container prevents it from drying out. Empty candle jars to the rescue!

lotion in glass jar

5. Craft Seasonal Centerpieces

No matter the season, there's an easy way to turn empty candle jars into festive centerpieces. In summer, fill them with sand and seashells or use larger jars to hold smaller sunflowers. In fall, tie burlap around the jars and tuck faux autumn leaves into them. In winter, use candles, metallic ribbon and evergreen sprigs to make simple centerpieces for a holiday table.

Winter candle jar decor

6. Organize Art Supplies

Whether they're your art supplies or they belong to the little artists who share your home, you may be tired of finding spare colored pencils and uncapped markers everywhere. Taller empty candle jars are perfect for organizing pens, pencils, markers, crayons and paintbrushes. Keep the jars in a small bin so everyone knows exactly where the art supplies go when they're not being used.

bunch of colorful pencils

7. Make a DIY Air Freshener

Making your own air fresheners is super simple and lets you customize the type and strength of the scent. All you need is an empty jar, baking soda and the essential oils of your choosing. The jar needs to have a lid with small holes punched through it in order to let the scent out gradually. If your jar's lid is too sturdy to make holes, buy a replacement lid that's already perforated.

Hands holding pipette of essential oil

8. Create a Home for Succulents

Succulents don't need much to thrive: just some soil, a little sunlight and the occasional sprinkle of water. An empty candle jar may be the perfect fit for a single succulent. Plant a collection of them and line them up on a wide windowsill.

Tiny succulent in glass jar

9. Store Reusable Makeup Removal Rounds

If you use beauty rounds to remove makeup or apply skincare products, you know how quickly you can go through a package of disposable cotton ones. Making reusable makeup removal rounds is better for your bank account and for the planet. Once you make them, though, you have to keep them organized and within reach. A small empty candle jar should be the perfect size for your collection.

Reusable makeup remover pads on pink background

10. Make a Decorative Branch Display

Do you love minimalist design? Try using plain, clean candle jars to display either real or faux branches. A few 6-inch branches tucked in a small candle jar can make a simple yet striking display. The taller the jar, the bigger the branches it can support. Use a jumbo jar to hold an entire bouquet of wildflowers.

Woman's hand holding mimosas bouquet

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