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Is It Scratchy? 5 Things to Know About Bamboo Toilet Paper

"Bamboo toilet paper is an Earth-friendly option and, nope, it's not scratchy. Who Gives a CrapDuring the Great Toilet P

Drop the Razors, Guys! Chest Hair Is Back

"Hairy-chest-exposing-god Freddie Mercury is seen here performing next to Queen guitarist Brian May at Wembley Stadium.

The Colorful History of Nail Polish

"Even though manicures have gotten more and more expressive, nothing is classier than a great coat of red polish. Ian Ga

People Want to Go Under the Knife to Look Like Their Snapchat Selfies

"Snapchat filters have altered our perception of beauty, so much so that many people are seeking plastic surgery to get

Why Your Baby Could Be Giving You Mommy Thumb

"De Quervain's tenosynovitis, aka mommy thumb, is painful and common among new parents, mostly moms. Jose Luis Pelaez In

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