10 Cat-Safe House Plants to Upgrade Your Space


You love your cat. Your cat's tendency to get into everything in your home… not so much. (That house plant isn't a snack, buddy.) But cats are gonna cat, so add new color and visual interest to your space using plants that won't be toxic to your favorite furry companion.

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1. Zinnias

Zinnias are flowering plants, so bringing in a pot of these colorful blooms is one of the quickest ways to add a burst of tropical color to your home. They can be tricky to grow indoors, but it's worth a try if you want house plants that aren't strictly green. Most importantly? Zinnias shouldn't hurt your cat.

High Angle View Of Orange Flowers Blooming On Potted Plant

2. Air Plants

Air plants (also called Tillandsia) have two major benefits for cat owners. One, they're not toxic if ingested by your cat. But that might not matter, because the other benefit is that they can be hung on walls and from the ceiling. That might not keep a motivated cat from reaching them, but it could help.

Air plant in a pendant

3. Zebra Haworthia

Succulents are the ideal house plant for someone whose space isn't huge or very sunny. But cat owners have to be careful about bringing home succulents, because certain varieties can be dangerous if ingested. Zebra Haworthia is one striped variety that should be safe around your cat. Plus, this succulent is resilient, so it may survive some minor nibbling from a curious kitty.

Small zebra haworthia succulent in clay pot

4. Parlor Palm

Parlor palms are a relatively low-maintenance way to make a big impression, even in a small space. They can grow to be several feet tall and aren't too finicky about light, so a parlor palm could be the star house plant in your living room for years. They're also non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Modern stylish design of the apartment or room with a sofa, coffee table, curtains, tulle, against the beige wall. Hereinafter, a flower or a palm tree in a pot. Beautiful interior in vintage style.

5. Cast Iron Plant

Though the cast iron plant isn't a household name, this variety is beloved by admirers for its resilience and strong roots. Like its name implies, a cast iron plant is tough and hard to destroy. The potted variety will add a big splash of vibrant green to your living space, without posing any major danger to your cat.

Aspidistra plants

6. Maidenhair Fern

If you like the look of ferns and share your home with a curious cat, the maidenhair fern could be a good choice. They're lacy and delicate, the perfect countertop fern, and like many other kinds of ferns should be safe around cats. They're tricky to care for, but well worth the effort.

Potted Maidehair ferns and dishes

7. Prayer Plant

Prayer plants are an attractive option if you're looking for a plant that will make a visual impact without taking up much space. They tend to be fairly low and have clusters of leaves with beautiful patterns and color variations. Your cat might want to admire your prayer plant but shouldn't be endangered by it.

Prayer Plant Houseplant (Maranta)

8. Spider Plant

Spider plants are one of the most popular house plants, and for good reason. They're manageable and can flourish indoors with relatively little maintenance. This is a good starter plant for a cat owner who has never exercised their green thumb before.

Green Leaves Of Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

9. Basil, Sage and Thyme

Upgrading your space is great, but what if you could upgrade your dinner at the same time? Not all herbs are safe around pets, but kitchen staples including basil, thyme and sage should be. Keep pots near the windows where they'll get plenty of sun. Then the challenge becomes keeping your cat from stealing all your basil before you get to enjoy it.

Close-up image of fresh basil plant

10. Christmas Cactus

Though its name suggests December, the Christmas cactus is a year-round plant. Pink, white or red blooms grow at the ends of its scalloped leaves. As long as it's kept in a fairly cool place and is watered carefully, your Christmas cactus could survive several holiday seasons.

Christmas Cactus

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