How to Keep a Roof Vent from Flapping


Things You’ll Need

  • Ladder

  • Screwdriver

  • Utility knife

  • Roof sealer

  • Caulking gun

Kites flying on a beach Change the vent type to stop the banging noise. Image Credit: Images

Sometimes wind and roof vents do not get along well. If you hear a banging noise coming through your bathroom vent when it is windy, chances are that the wind is picking up the vent flap and then letting it bang closed. This noise can get annoying but there is a remedy for it. By replacing the old flap with one that is weighted or has a spring, you can stop the wind from opening the vent flap.

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Step 1

Disconnect the vent tube from the problem vent in the attic. This is usually just a few screws. Set the screw aside for reuse later.

Step 2

Climb onto the roof and locate the vent that is causing the noise. Lift up the edges of the surrounding roof shingles so you can see the edges of the vent. Cut through any sealer that may be present. Remove the screws holding the vent in place. Remove the old vent.

Step 3

Purchase a new vent that has the same size opening as the old vent. The new vent should have either weighted or spring-loaded flaps. This is what keeps the wind from picking them up and causing noise.

Step 4

Install the new vent onto the roof using the opening from the old vent, sliding it under the shingles. Secure with the screws included with the vent. Load the caulking gun with roof sealer and seal all the edges of the vent.

Step 5

Go into the attic and re-attach the vent tube to the vent. Use the same screws that were removed earlier.


Use a roofer's harness when working on a roof with a steep pitch. Many home improvement and hardware stores rent these harnesses.

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