What types of perennial plants thrive in the South?


Perennials are flowers that grow year after year. Since they don’t have to be replanted ever year – like their sisters, the annuals — perennials are a practical and economical choice for anyone who is looking to add some color to their garden. Yet, perennials require extra care since they don’t flower all the time. If you decide to plant perennials and you live in the South, you should take their foliage into consideration.

Since the South is generally warm, it’s a hospitable region in which to plant perennials during winter. Ironically, the most popular perennial to plant down South is a flower called the New England Aster. This flower can grow to be seven feet (two meters) high and has long, furry leaves. The New England Aster is comprised of pink or purple petals that are attached to a yellow head. To germinate properly, this flower needs approximately a month in cool soil.

Another popular Southern perennial is the coneflower, which is a relative of the sunflower. Coneflowers have a distinctive windblown appearance, since their petals grow away from the cone. Coneflowers can grow to be up to four feet (more than one meter) tall. If you’re looking for a slightly smaller flower, the Shasta daisy may be for you. This perennial’s maximum height is about three feet (90 centimeters). Shastas are especially well-suited for the Southern climate since they like warm temperatures while they germinate. Another flower that’s comfortable with the Southern climate is the daylily, which has been known to bloom as early as March. This flower gets its name from the fact that when it blooms, it only does so for a day. In contrast, the tickseed flower is a perennial that blooms like an annual, which makes it especially popular. This flower’s bright yellow color also makes it a “perennial” Southern favorite.

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