What time of day should you water your plants?

"You probably already know that for the sake of the environment, as well as your own pocket, you ought to cut your water

Must Have Items for a Clean Home

"You don't need a plethora of cleaning supplies to keep your place tidy. Make sure to keep these products handy for a ea

What are asters?

"Aster comes from the Greek word for star, and aster flowers are indeed star-like: They have a sunny yellow center surro

Which Countertop is Easiest to Maintain?

"Granite counters may be a popular choice, but they aren’t low-maintenance. Granite-Charlotte/Creative CommonsCountertop

Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips

"Skip (Or Cut Down On) Bathroom Cleaning with Our Stay Clean TipsiStockphoto/ThinkstockCleaning the bathroom can be one

5 Tips for Creating a Tropical Backyard

"Lush plants and natural materials are the foundations for a tropical space.iStockphoto/ThinkstockThe backyard should be

Can you start a garden in the summer?

"Get your gloves and watering can ready; it's not too late to start digging in the dirt.iStockphoto/ThinkstockYou planne

What types of perennial plants thrive in the South?

"Perennials are flowers that grow year after year. Since they don’t have to be replanted ever year – like their sisters,

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