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You don't need a plethora of cleaning supplies to keep your place tidy. Make sure to keep these products handy for a easy-to-clean home.“You don’t need a plethora of cleaning supplies to keep your place tidy. Make sure to keep these products handy for a easy-to-clean home.Nichola Evans/Getty Images

With so many products available to clean your home – on the shelves at the market, in TV ads and even those you see at other people’s homes – it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you need every new product that’s out there. Don’t waste your time and money on every new product under the sun. Cut through the clutter (literally) with our round-up of what items you truly need.


  1. Stain “Erasers”
  2. Floor Duster
  3. Wood Oil Soap
  4. Glass Cleaner
  5. Toilet Bowl Cleanser
  6. All-Purpose Cleanser
  7. Dust Pan and Brush
  8. More Information

Stain “Erasers”

Smudges, pet stains, shoe marks, shower smears and more are wiped away with this simple sponge cleaner. Just soak with water and scrub any stubborn spots. This is not for cleaning up simple wet messes, but black sneaker marks on your kitchen floor (or the wall…sigh), the corner spot where the dog keeps rubbing – any weird stain you think won’t go away – this cleaning genius will do trick.

Floor Duster

This simple handle and floor duster changed cleaning hardwood, tile and linoleum floors forever when it hit store shelves in 1999. The dry clothes attract dust and dirt more aggressively (it’s the static) than a traditional broom. Also, you can use the dry clothes to dust shelves, tables, the TV and more surfaces.

Wood Oil Soap

Best known as great cleanser for hardwood floors (7/8th water, an 1/8th wood oil soap) that doesn’t require a water rinse, oil soap can also be used on any wood or wood-like surface in your home. Dab a little on a rag and wipe down your dining room table, coffee table, even your nice wood frames. Murphy’s also works wonders on laminate floors, but dilute even more than you would for hardwood, as you don’t want to dry out your laminate.

Glass Cleaner

A glass cleaner is a must for your home. Not only does it keep glass and mirror surfaces shining and streak free, you can also use glass cleaners on stainless steel, tile and chrome. Just spray on glass and wipe down with a dry rag or paper towel to keep the surface streak free. Wipe until it squeaks! For surfaces like tile and chrome, add a little water to get a deeper clean.

Toilet Bowl Cleanser

You can’t have a clean house without a clean toilet, which should go without saying. Invest in a good toilet bowl cleaner and you’ll only have to give the bowl a good scrub with the brush once a week or so. If you keep on top of it, and give the toilet a quick scrub with a good cleanser every week, it won’t require much elbow grease.

All-Purpose Cleanser

This is the cleanser you need to hit all the spots that aren’t covered by specialty cleansers. The kitchen and bathroom counters, the top of the back of the toilet, the stove top, the front of the microwave and refrigerator…you get the idea. You always want to have an all-purpose close at hand for any and all spills, spots and accidents. You should find a cleanser that you can spray on a spot and wipe off with a wet rag for a sparkling clean space.

Dust Pan and Brush

This is your emergency clean-up tool. When you get the last minute call that company is coming over, the first thing you grab should be the dust pan and brush. Quickly sweep up tracked in dirt, grass, cat litter, dust bunnies and more with this simple tool. It’s a lot faster than hauling out the vacuum and you’ll get every speck.

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