How to Pumice a Grill


Things You’ll Need

  • Wire brush

  • Soft cloth

23664553 Keep your grill clean with pumice stone. Image Credit: Hemera Technologies/ Images

Baked-on grease, solidified sauce and charred meat scraps can leave your barbecue grill dirty and unappetizing. Food is more likely to stick to a dirty grill, and the mess can even interfere with your grill's performance. Soap and water can clean up minor stains, but for the tough stuff you'll need elbow grease and something abrasive. A pumice stone or brick, made from porous lava rock, will help you power off the really gross grime.

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Step 1

Brush the grill with a wire brush to remove all loose dirt and debris.

Step 2

Wet the pumice stone. Grasp the stone by the handle, or, if your stone doesn't have a handle, wrap a rag around one end to make the pumice easier to grip.

Step 3

Rub the dirty area of the grill with the wet pumice. Rub with a back and forth motion, using a gentle pressure. The pumice is soft and will wear away as you rub, shaping itself to the area you're working on, including the bars of the cooking grid.

Step 4

Wipe the cleaned area with a soft cloth. Rub again until you've removed all the grime.


Remove the grates and any lava rock or grill tiles and clean them separately.

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