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How to Remove Candle Wax Stains

"Flickering candles set a lovely mood, but don't let wax stains ruin your evening. Boris SV / Getty Images­Candlelight s

How to Remove Glue Spots

"Removing glue spots can be a sticky proposition.Laurence Mouton/PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/Getty ImagesDo­ sti­cky

How to Remove Oven Cleaner Stains

"Do you know how to remove oven stains?Wavebreak Media/ThinkstockCleaning your oven isn't a good time, but the task is m

How to Remove Nicotine, Cigar, Pipe Smoke, and Cigarette Stains

"­Follow these steps to remove tobacco stains from various surfaces.Reza/Getty ImagesWe've all been there: You're at a p

How to Remove Chocolate Stains

"Candy Image Gallery Chocolate is tasty but beware of stains. See more pictures of candy.2009 HowStuffWorks­Chocolate is

How to Remove Coffee Stains

"Coffee is delicious, but it can leave a tough stain.2009 HowStuffWorksEv­eryone has had their slippery experiences with

How to Remove Food Coloring and Hair Dye Stains

"Hair dye and food coloring stains are sure to be noticed, so watch out for spills and splashes.Studio MPM­Food coloring

How to Remove Rubber Cement Stains

"Learn how to remove rubber cement stains­.George Doyle/Getty Images­Rubber cement stains can be tricky to remove. Here

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