How to Machine Dry Dress Pants


White washing machine Some types of dress pants are safe to put in the dryer. Image Credit: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

People often send their dress pants to the dry cleaner, because they feel this is better for the garment than washing and drying at home. However, the harsh chemicals used to dry clean pants may cause them to wear out faster, according to "GQ" magazine. Laundering your dress pants saves money and could make them last longer. Cotton blends are often safe to put in the dryer, if you follow the care instructions located on the tag.

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Step 1

Read the care label on the tag of your dress pants. It is usually located on the waistband, but sometimes appears on the lower part of the pants leg. The tag will tell you how to clean them. Many that say "dry clean only" will be fine in the dryer, on the "delicate" or other low-heat setting.

Step 2

Zip the zipper on your dress pants. This will keep them from snagging other items as they tumble dry.

Step 3

Set the dryer's heat level. Many dress pants are safe to dry on the low heat cycle, but the safest possible setting is "no heat." Ensure you have it set properly before starting the dryer, to prevent damage to your dress pants.

Step 4

Remove the dress pants as soon as the drying cycle is finished. This will prevent the pants from wrinkling. Iron with an appropriate heat setting, if needed.


If you want to save money on dry cleaning, but are concerned about putting your dress pants in the dryer, buy an indoor clothesline or drying rack and hang them to air-dry when they come out of the washing machine.


Always check the lint filter and clean as necessary before turning the dryer on. This reduces your risk of a fire and dries your clothes faster.

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