Can You Restring an Egg Slicer?


23553082 Many egg slicers allow for easy wire replacement. Image Credit: NA/ Images

Egg slicers are convenient devices for professional chefs and home cooks alike. A typical design consists of a hinge and a series of steel wires, but slicers are prone to breaking from time to time. When one of the wires breaks, you may get a replacement wire. Many types of egg slicers allow for easy wire replacement. In fact, many egg slicers come with extra wires when purchased. You may find the appropriate wires to replace broken ones from a few other sources.

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String Replacement

Many quality egg slicers are designed so wires can be easily removed and replaced. This makes it easier to clean the wires thoroughly. In many designs, the wires easily snap out for removal and snap back into place, but the method of removal may vary between depending on the slicer. You may be able to purchase replacement egg slicer wires from the manufacturer if the product did not come with spare wires. Many companies make egg slicers with piano wires, so if you may use these as a replacement. Alternatively, if you are unable to find egg slicer wires, try other types of steel wires, such as guitar strings.

Care and Maintenance

Egg slicers should be washed before use, wires included, to keep them working well. To operate correctly, put food in the center of the base. Gently push down on the top of slicer to gently slice the food. Too much force could strain and snap the wires. Avoid slicing unripe fruit that is hard, which can stress and break the wires. With proper care, the egg slicer wires can stay in good shape.


Egg slicers are versatile items, but must be used properly. Various slicing styles can be made based on the orientation of the item. For example, you may orient the egg for oval slices, instead of round slices, by setting it sideways on the base. You may safely use an egg slicer to cut kiwis, mushrooms, strawberries and various other types of food. But you should always use care and only cut soft food items. Many egg slicer users may find that a simple mistake can easily break all of the device's strings. Usually this occurs when tough food items, such as frozen strawberries, are used in the device.


A variety of egg slicer styles are available. Some designs are more resilient to wear and tear of the strings than others. Bladed designs have steel blades instead of thin wires, so they will not break as easily. Commercial-grade slicers tend to have thicker wires that resist breaking better than cheaper versions.

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