Updos that Wow: 9 French Twist Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths


9 French Twist Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths | Whether you have short, medium length, or long hair that's straight, wavy, or curly, the French twist updo is a simple yet elegant way to style your hair. If you want to know how to do a French twist on your own hair, this post has lots of step by step hair tutorials to teach you. Perfect for a wedding, prom, work, or lazy weekend, we've curated a mix of classic and modern styles, including sleek looks and messy, loose styles.

The French twist is a classic hairstyle that can be worn casually or more dressed up. While it’s a hairstyle in itself, there are numerous variations of the French twist that you’re sure to love. From braided French twists to a twist to the side, bridal French twists and more, there’s a hairstyle for you no matter your hair length! Check out 9 French twist hairstyles for short, medium and long hair below that are sure to wow!

3 Hair Products and Accessories You’ll Need

1. Secure Hold Bobby Pins
Bobby pins are one of the key tools you need to ensure your French twist stays in place. Invest in secure hold bobby pins so your hair doesn’t fall out – they’ll help you get a salon-worthy updo at home!

2. Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray
Adding texture and volume is key so your French twist hairstyle doesn’t fall flat. It will give your hair long lasting hold and boost pre-styling grittiness for no-slip updos. Spray it in your hair before creating your French twist for maximum hold.

3. Pearl Hair Pins
If you’re going for a more formal, or even bridal look with your French twist hairstyle, add these pearl hair pins to elevate your look. While a French twist can be worn more casually during the day, this accessory will bring it effortlessly into the night.

3 French Twist Hairstyles for Short Hair

French Twist and Half Updo for Short Hair | Kayley Melissa

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do a classic French twist as well as a French twist inspired half updo in case a French twist isn’t totally your thing. She gives you the step by step instructions on how to create a gorgeous French twist and all you need is bobby pins, a comb and hairspray!

The Sideways French Twist | The Small Things Blog

The sideways French twist is a chic version of the classic updo. A traditional French twist is gathered at the back centre, while this variation is done horizontally and a little on an angle. She first styled her hair with a curling iron and Kenra Finishing Spray. It’s a little more complicated than a typical French twist, but as long as you follow her step by step guidance, you can easily get the look!

French Twist for Short Hair | MuchTendu

This quick and easy video is shot from the back perspective so you can really see how to do a French twist on yourself. She’s able to get a tight French twist even with super short hair, and all you need is a brush, hair elastic and bobby pins.

3 French Twist Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Messy French Twist | Abby Smith

French twist hairstyles don’t always have to be so formal. Take this messy French twist for instance. It’s textured, effortless and perfect for a Sunday brunch with the girls. She starts by using the Sam Villa Texturizing Iron, which will add texture and volume for those with super fine hair, then she runs a teasing comb through her strands. She also uses a texturizing spray to give her hair some added grip.

Bridal Hairstyles | French Twist Tutorial | Effortless Beauty

The French twist makes for an absolutely gorgeous bridal look. In this tutorial, they break it down into simple steps so anyone can do it, plus the steps are written out so you can watch or read, whatever works best for you. You’ll need bobby pins, hairspray, a rattail comb and pearly pins to accessorize your bridal twist.

French Twist | Style Yourself Beautiful

This is probably one of the simplest French twist tutorials you’ve ever seen. She demonstrates how to easily create a French twist and the result is stunning. It only takes about two minutes, but it will look like you spent lots of time (or money) on creating this hairstyle. Plus, all you need is bobby pins!

3 French Twist Hairstyles for Long Hair

How To: French Roll Updo Hairstyle | Alex Gaboury

This gorgeous French twist hairstyle takes under 5 minutes to create. It’s surprisingly simple but super elegant, making it perfect for prom, weddings and even work. She starts off using texture spray to give a more effortless appearance and uses a 1-inch curling iron to add some tousled waves. This modern French twist is super effortless and timeless and is versatile so you can wear it anywhere.

Ballerina French Twist | Totally TayTayBallet

This ballerina French twist is a little more complex than the classic, but it’s totally worth the practice. It gives more volume and more of a bun look, perfect for if you take ballet, workout or simply want a cool hairstyle for day to day. It’s not your traditional French twist, but it’s nice to switch things up from time to time so give this hairstyle a try!

Aveda How-To | Braided French Twist Festive Updo Tutorial | Aveda

This braided French twist hairstyle is a gorgeous upgrade to the classic French twist. Perfect for a holiday party or event, you’re sure to turn heads with this one. She starts by applying the Aveda Thickening Tonic to damp hair then uses the Aveda Texture Tonic to define and enhance the hair’s natural texture. Once your hair is dry, you can finish off with a dry shampoo to add even more volume to this hairstyle.

No matter which French twist hairstyle you choose, the end result is sure to wow!

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