Gift Giving 101: 16 Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift


16 Best 'Give Money As A Gift' Ideas | If you're looking for fun and cool ways to give money to someone you love, this post has lots of ideas to inspire you! Whether you're giving money as a birthday, wedding, Christmas, or graduation gift, these unique and creative ideas will help you figure out how to give the gift of money in a thoughtful and meaningful way. These clever ways to give money as a gift can also be used for gift cards!

When it comes to gift giving, money never disappoints. Instead of guessing what to get someone, or risk getting their must-have sweater in the wrong colour, money allows your giftee to get themselves whatever they want. The only issue with money is that gifting it can be kind of, well, boring. Getting money in a card is great (it’s still money), but when it’s disguised as something else entirely, the surprise makes it even better! Read on to find out 16 fun ways to give money as a gift!

Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Chocolate Box of Money
A box of chocolate is a sweet gift in itself, but a box full of money is even better! You can put both coins and bills into the box to give the box some weight. Tape or glue the chocolate liner papers to the box and fold, roll or stack different denominations to vary the “chocolates’” appearance. It will be such a great surprise, and you get the pleasure of emptying the box before using it.

Match Box Money
Place money in a match box and label it as “money to burn”. You may want to add a candle with it so the gift makes more sense before they see the surprise – just make sure they realize the money is inside!

Play Dough
Reuse a Play Doh container and stuff it with cash. Make sure you wash the container first so the money doesn’t smell and consider adding a gift tag using a fun play on words, such as “Enjoy playing with this dough!”.

Place it in a Mug with Goodies
A cute mug is always a great gift to get, and it’s even better when it’s stuffed with goodies and cash. Personalize the mug goodies to the person you’re giving it to – think treats, pens, makeup and lip balms, and add some cash for a special treat!

Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Money Fortune Cookie
Fortune cookies are cute and fun, especially when they’re made of money. Fold any denomination into a fortune cookie – you may choose to do one expensive fortune cookie or multiple cookies of small denominations. You can place your money fortune cookie(s) in a box for a nice surprise!

Pizza Dough
Use a pizza box and make a “pizza” out of bills. You may be able to ask for a free box from your favourite pizza place or you may need to pay for it – a used one will likely have lots of grease stains. Tape your dollar bills to the box to make a pizza pie and you can roll up bills to use as the pizza crust!

Tootsie Rolls
This one is extra fun because your giftee will have to eat a bunch of tootsie rolls to find their cash. Tightly wrap a few bills in tootsie roll wrappers and stash them among tons of real tootsie rolls. Attach a fun poem or card that lets them know there’s money in some of them!

Money Box
You can use an empty Kleenex box for this one! Tape your bills together using painters tape on the back side of the bills. Add a note to the first bill of the money train that says “pull here”. Fill the Kleenex box with your money train and leave the “pull here” tab sticking out at the top. You can cover the box with wrapping paper or craft paper to make it look fun and appealing, and feel free to add witty sayings to the outside, such as “don’t blow it all at once!”.

Unique Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Cash Tie
A cash tie is a unique way to surprise someone with money! Gift a dress shirt and make a tie out of bills, so when they open it they’ll see your creative DIY!

Crochet Tree Ornament
If you know how to crochet, or are up to learn, you can create a cash holder disguised as a tree ornament. They can have any design, from a Christmas gift to a Santa sack. Place the money in and tell your giftee to take a look inside.

Gift Bottle Set
For this gift, you’ll need a 6-pack of bottled soda. Empty and clean the bottles and fill some with treats and others with dollar bills. Pick their favourite candies and chocolates to fill the other bottles with and place fun labels on each of them. You can also wrap the bottle carrier with festive wrapping paper!

Can Full of Cash
Is there a certain canned vegetable your teen particularly hates? Use the empty can to stash a bunch of cash! Look for a can with a pop top lid so they won’t have to use a can opener. You also need to make sure the bottom of the can looks like the top of the can and doesn’t have a curved edge. The reason for this is that you’ll need to open the pop top can from the bottom with a can opener in order to place the money inside. Tape your bills together in a long row and cut out a strip of paper to create a “pull” tab. Place ribbon or tissue paper on top of the bills and place the bottom of the can back on with a hot glue gun. You’ll see their face turn from disappointed to delighted in no time!

Cute Ways to Give Money as a Gift

Cash Crayons
You’ll need a box of crayons for this one! Gift a colouring book and crayons and wrap the crayons in dollar bills. If you’re gifting to a teen you can do this with an adult colouring book and colouring pencils instead.

Origami Boxes
Origami boxes are super creative and cute, and are perfect to gift money in. You can make origami boxes in the shape of animals, fun shapes, purses, boats – pretty much anything you want! They’ll love opening up their box and will be even more excited when they see there’s money inside.

Balloon Cash
Another cute way to give money as a gift is filling a balloon with cash and confetti! It’s a really pretty way to “hide” the cash and is perfect for anyone who loves glitter and balloons. Just make sure to have a vacuum on hand for after the big POP!

Cash Pez
Pez dispensers are so cute! Some people collect them, but even for non-collectors, you can gift a Pez dispenser in their favourite character. Throw some Pez candies in as well, but roll up and hide cash in the dispenser itself for a sweet surprise.

Money is a great gift to give and get, especially when it’s wrapped in unique and fun ways! Try these out and you’ll love the look on your giftee’s face!

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