27 Spooky and Fun Halloween STEAM Projects For All Ages


27 Halloween STEAM Projects For Kids | Science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math, oh my! If you have children and/or students in preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, and/or middle school and you're looking for Halloween activities with an educational twist, this post is for you! We've curated tons of fun and easy to set-up STEAM projects for all ages to get your little ones in the holiday spirit. Use these to create Halloween lesson plans, or at home on bad weather days!

Whether you’re a parent or teacher, these Halloween STEAM projects for kids are a great way to keep children learning while simultaneously helping them get into the holiday spirit. With activities for kids in kindergarten, elementary, and middle school, these hands-on activities are a great way to get kids to work collaboratively as they exercise their creativity and problem-solving skills, and they’re super fun to boot!

What Does STEAM Mean?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math, however STEAM education goes above and beyond simply teaching these 5 subjects to kids. STEAM is a multifaceted approach to learning that develops a child’s problem-solving and critical thinking skills while simultaneously encouraging creativity, communication, and teamwork. STEAM activities are designed to combine lessons from all 5 subjects.

What Are the Benefits of STEAM Learning?

  1. Encourages higher level thinking
  2. Instils creativity
  3. Prepares kids for advancements in technology
  4. Encourages innovative and creative thinking
  5. Provides opportunities for failure in a safe environment
  6. Exposes children to career paths they may otherwise not consider

9 Halloween STEAM Projects for Kindergarten

Halloween Thaumatropes | What Do We Do All Day?
Pumpkin Math | Teach Beside Me
Exploding Pumpkin Volcano Science Activity | Little Bins For Little Hands
Design, Build & Sell a Haunted House | Teachers Pay Teachers
Dissolving Candy Corn Experiment | Little Bins For Little Hands
Halloween Roll & Build STEAM Activity | Teachers Pay Teachers
Flapping Bat Wings | Teach Beside Me
Eyeball Structures | STEAMsational
Halloween Pumpkin Science Experiment | Active Littles

9 Halloween STEAM Projects for Elementary School

Pumpkin Decomposition Experiment | Gift of Curiosity
Candy Corn Catapults | Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
Find the Strongest Spider Web! | From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom
Building Structures with Candy Pumpkins | Lemon Lime Adventures
Halloween Chemistry Experiment | Little Bins For Little Hands
Pumpkin Elephant Toothpaste Experiment | Hello, Wonderful
Self-Inflating Ghosts | Mama Smiles
Halloween Balloon Races | STEAM Powered Family
Spider Web Designer | Teachers Pay Teachers

9 Halloween STEAM Projects for Middle School

Halloween Bone Bridge Challenge | Kerry Tracy: Feel-Good Teaching via YouTube
Halloween Bat Challenge | Teachers Pay Teachers
Spiders with Light Up Eyes | The Learning Hypothesis
Electric Haunted Houses | Teachers Pay Teachers
The Physics of Fake Blood | Science Buddies
Halloween Escape Room | Teachers Pay Teachers
Pumpkin Brush Bots | Left Brain Craft Brain
Create a Monster Catcher | Teachers Pay Teachers
Halloween Biodiversity Science Game | Teachers Pay Teachers

If you’re looking for Halloween activities for the little ones in your life, I hope these Halloween STEAM projects inspire you!

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