What Are Thirsty’s Smoothies?


According to the American Dietetic Association, fruit puree smoothies are one of the healthiest ways to perk up summertime meals. Thirsty's Smoothies are from the U.K.'s leading soft drinks brand Thirsty Drinks, owned by 4Square Wholesale Limited. The beverage brand has flavored water, mineral water, soft drinks, pure juice and fair trade certified organic energy drinks in its portfolio.

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These packaged smoothies allow you to relish seasonal fruits all year round. They are a healthful mélange of pure fruit puree; they contain no sugar additives, artificial flavors or preservatives and fall in the fruit group. Gently pasteurized, the ready to drink smoothies have a Sicilian orange juice base. Thirsty's smoothie flavor platter includes orange, banana and mango, orange, banana and strawberry and orange, mango and passion fruit.


Thirsty's smoothies come packaged in 200ml or 7-oz. disposable pouches. The pouch has a sports cap closure so you can drink your smoothie a little at a time if you like. The cap closes securely rendering it leak proof so you can store it in your bag or pocket.

Calories and Nutrition

Each 200ml pouch of Thirsty's smoothies contains only 75 calories. As of 2011, 200ml smoothies from some competitor brands contain from 108 to 136 calories; they contain almost 26g of added sugar for every 200ml. Some competitor brands contain even more calories due to the addition of dairy ingredients.

A 100g serving of trans fat laden french fries has about 294 calories. A bag of light salted fried potato chips has 132 calories. A 120ml glass of wine has 87 calories. A pint of beer contains 182 calories. A 7-oz. soft drink has about 84 calories. A Thirsty's Smoothie is packed with nutrient rich calories and thus, healthier than the above-mentioned empty calorie fast foods and caloric sweet drinks.

These nutritional beverages are ideal for sports players, adults and children. Thirsty's low calorie pure fruit smoothies assist weight loss; their nutrients boost body metabolism, or calorie burning rates.

Health Benefits

Doctors recommend eating five servings of fruit a day at regular intervals to replenish burnt energy calories and furnish vitamins and nutrients. Fruits, being cholesterol free, low in sodium, fat and calories, help reduce risk of cancer, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, kidney stones and bone loss.

Every Thirsty's Smoothie contains the nutrients present in one serving of fruit. In addition, each pouch roughly meets 50 percent of daily vitamin C requirements for healthy gums and teeth, quick tissue repair and wound healing. The Thirsty's Smoothies with mango contain beta-carotene, vitamin E and C. The Thirsty's Smoothies with banana and orange supply potassium that maintains healthy blood pressure. The Thirsty's Smoothies with passion fruit and strawberry are dense in potassium, vitamin C and folate.

Where to Buy Thirsty’s Smoothies

You can grab Thirsty's Smoothies pouches at cash and carry wholesale stores such as Bestway, Booker and Batleys. You can also buy them online at Drinks-Shop. These wholesome smoothies are priced at about £ 7.99 ,or $13.00, as of March 2011.

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