How to Make a Bar Globe


Things You’ll Need

  • Large plastic globe

  • Saw

  • Hinge

  • Screws

  • Screwdriver

  • String

  • Sand paper

... Impress your friends by pulling a chilled bottle of wine from your bar globe

A bar globe is a unique and aesthetically appealing way to store your favorite drinks. A bar globe can be placed in an office, study or home as a classy holder of alcoholic beverages and can also provide a great conversation piece. While many retailers offer bar globes, you can make one yourself in a fairly simple manner. With a bit of handiwork and a can-do attitude, you will have your own bar globe in no time.

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Step 1

Select your globe. Purchase a globe that is on a sturdy stand and looks nice from the outside. It is also important that it has a plastic inside. Plastic will work as an insulator for the ice that you will add later. Other material will not insulate the ice and it will melt down, potentially ruining your globe.

Step 2

Wrap a piece of string around your globe. Wrap it in a perfectly straight line around the middle of the globe. Trace the string with your pencil. Some globes will have equators already drawn out on them. If this is the case for your globe, then disregard this step.

Step 3

Saw the globe in half. Cut perfectly evenly through the entire globe. Sand down the edges if necessary.

Step 4

Attach the two hemispheres by screwing a hinge onto the backside of the globe. This will allow you to open and close the globe without having to pull the top half off completely.

Step 5

Fill the bottom half of the globe with ice and your favorite beverages. Feel free to add glasses as well. Close the top half and open as needed.


Similar to the hinge, you can add a clamp or lock to the front of the globe if you wish.

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