How to Heat Gluhwein



German mulled wine, called gluhwein, combines red wine, cloves, cinnamon, sugar and a host of other aromatic spices to create a soothing warm drink for a cold winter evening. Most gluhwein recipes use wine as the base, but cider is sometimes substituted. Gluhwein mixes contain everything necessary to make your own gluhwein, except for the wine. You add the wine as you heat the mix, immediately before serving. Warming it up properly allows the spices to infuse the wine and the pleasant aroma to permeate your home.

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Step 1


Combine 1 bottle of wine with the gluhwein mix in a large saucepan. If you are not using mix, combine the wine with 1 teaspoon whole cloves, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/3 cup sugar and 3 tablespoons lemon juice.

Step 2


Heat the mixture over medium-high heat. Stir occasionally as it warms up so the spices don't sink to the bottom.

Step 3


Turn the heat down to low when bubbles begin rising to the surface but before it reaches a full boil.

Step 4


Serve the gluhwein immediately or allow it to simmer lightly over low heat until you are ready to serve.


Make a nonalcoholic version of gluhwein by substituting white grape or apple juice for the red wine.


Boiling may give the mulled drink a scorched flavor.

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