Makeup Guide for the Mature Bride


Whether it's their first or second time down the aisle, brides over 40 still want to look their best. We've got some special makeup tips for you.“Whether it’s their first or second time down the aisle, brides over 40 still want to look their best. We’ve got some special makeup tips for you.Michael Turek/Photodisc/Thinkstock

Brides come in all shapes, sizes, colors — and, ages. While many women get married in their 20s and 30s, women aged 40 and up are walking down the aisle almost as regularly. The "mature brides," as they’re often called, may not follow the usual wedding trends in both fashion and traditions. They do, however, still wish to look their best and have a fabulous day in the spotlight.

Mature brides may be quite sure about a gown, wedding theme and floral accents that best speak about their style. However, knowing how to get a truly flawless makeup look may need some additional tips. Mature skin needs extra prepping or special tricks to keep wedding day makeup looking absolutely beautiful. But, there are some specific problem areas on the face to be aware of.

First, let’s take a look at the all-important eyes, which absolutely need to sparkle and shine on one of the biggest days of a woman’s life.


  1. Mature Bride Makeup: Hooded Eyes
  2. Mature Bride Makeup: Selecting Makeup to Cover Wrinkles and Sun Damage
  3. Mature Bride Makeup: Preventing Lipstick Bleed

Mature Bride Makeup: Hooded Eyes

As we age, the skin around our eyes begins to slightly droop, which can obscure the eyelid. This is called having "hooded eyes" or "bedroom eyes," because of the appearance of heaviness of the eyelids. Hooded eyes can appear over time, but many people are actually born with this eye structure. Either way, hooded eyes need a different approach to eye makeup.

The goal to successfully applying makeup to hooded eyes is to help them appear more open. One way to achieve this is to use lighter shades of eye shadows and eyeliners. Using a dark shadow over the entire lid can cause the eye to look heavier. On the other hand, highlighting the brow bone too much can make your eyes appear even more hooded.

Try to blend lighter and darker colors for a softer look. You’ll want to put your mid-tone color over your entire eyelid and hooded area and blend where it meets your highlighter. Apply the highlighter shade to your upper lash line and your mid-tone color to your lower lash line. Then layer your contour color on top of your mid-tone, about half way across the lid. Finally, sweep it underneath your lower lashes, which will really define your lower lash line.

For eyeliner, the less you use on the lid lines, the better. Try using light colored eyeliner, and instead of lining your upper lid, line just underneath the lid. Use a precision eyeliner tool to get as precise and thin as line drawn as possible.

Mature Bride Makeup: Selecting Makeup to Cover Wrinkles and Sun Damage

Mature skin needs extra prepping to keep wedding day makeup looking beautiful.“Mature skin needs extra prepping to keep wedding day makeup looking beautiful.Marc Debnam/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Everyone’s skin suffers from wrinkles and sun damage, from the moment we begin to play outside and expose our skin to the elements. Becoming vigilant about wearing sunscreen and moisturizer with an appropriate SPF can help slow down the effects of the sun.

Your best defense against skin imperfections actually comes before applying any makeup. Using moisturizer when your skin is still damp helps create a supple and even-feeling base for any makeup. Next, apply a light yet full-coverage foundation to help even skin tone and allow makeup to be applied smoothly and easily. Make sure to match the foundation color to your skin tone, so your skin won’t be a shade or two off from your neck and shoulders. A cream-based concealer is a good bet for a seamless look that will give amazing coverage over the entire face.

Then, dab a skin-perfecting concealer on top of foundation to your most problematic areas. You can apply this cream lightly with your fingertips, targeting sunspots and wrinkles without putting unnecessary heavy makeup on your face.

Finally, use a finishing powder to set your makeup while it’s still drying. This will complete a flawless finish, and will allow you to enjoy your wedding without worrying about makeup fading or smudging during the festivities.

Mature Bride Makeup: Preventing Lipstick Bleed

Finding that perfect lip color completes the entire wedding look for the face. As women age, however, tiny imperfections such as wrinkles may start to appear around the lips. They may not stand out with light makeup, but when applying heavy makeup, wrinkles may be easily noticeable. One such problem women find is "feathering," what makeup experts call the subtle bleeding of lipstick into those wrinkles.

Thankfully, there are a various ways to prevent feathering, while allowing lips to stay shiny and lustrous with little imperfections. One trick is to keep lips moisturized with a layer of clear lip balm, or even petroleum jelly. Place the balm on your lips as well as slightly above the lip line before applying lipstick. The balm will act as a barrier, preventing lipstick color to pass into wrinkles. You can also use foundation slightly over the lip line, and a neutral lip pencil to color over the base. The lipstick will bleed into the pencil instead, leaving lips colored and smooth.

You can also buy a lip plumper, which will temporarily make your lips look fuller on the big day. These usually contain ingredients with a mild irritant, causing your lips to swell and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Apply your lipstick over your plumper for the perfect wedding day pout.

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