Fake vs. For Real: The Bridal Lash Debate


If done correctly, false lashes can really pump up your bridal look.“If done correctly, false lashes can really pump up your bridal look.iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Church reserved? Check. Reception booked? Check. Bridal attire ordered? Check. Spray tan done, nails manicured, false lashes applied – check, check and what?

False eyelashes are quite the rage these days, and not just in Hollywood or the tabloids. The Kardashians seem to wear them all the time – exercising, hanging out or shopping – but your local cosmetologist can set you up with a look to rival any of the sisters. Additionally, beauty supply stores like Ulta or Sally have numerous styles and brands for DIY women.

But on your Big Day — when you’ve said yes to the dress, the guy and so much more — are false eyelashes appropriate? Especially if you’ve never worn them before?

Those in favor of false lashes point out that a wedding is one huge photo opportunity, so brides need their hair and makeup to be a bit bolder and last longer. Fake eyelashes give you that extra pop. Whether using a full set or going for a softer approach with individual lashes, you create a dramatic look that will stand up to the grueling day and look fantastic in pictures. And, on a day when a girl typically uses a professional stylist for hair and makeup, it’s just one small item to add to the list for the experts to handle.

Those opposed say a nice natural look is the way to go. A friend of mine was a bridesmaid in a wedding, and said the stylist made them all look like Robert Palmer video girls, circa 1985; my friend’s fiancée didn’t even recognize her coming down the aisle! With all the to-do lists before the wedding, some brides want to keep it sweet and simple rather than experimenting with false eyelashes. They worry they might lose eyelashes on the big day, or even worse, have the glue pull out or damage their natural lashes.

If you do vow to use false lashes on your wedding day, here a few tips:

  • Decide ahead of time whether you want a full set or a few individual lashes interspersed – there is a notable difference in the look.
  • Practice, practice, practice whether with a stylist or doing them yourself, ahead of time. This might help you decide whether to use them in on the big day.
  • Take some photos, candid or posed, so you can see the look objectively. You don’t want to find out you looked like Elvira when you thought you were channeling Taylor Swift.
  • Include eyelash glue as part of your emergency bag that day.

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