Meet 5 Artists Creating Incredible Star Wars Fan Art—That You Can Buy


From the original movies, to books to The Mandalorian and much, much more, it's easy to see why the Star Wars universe has captured the hearts and minds of many. In honor of the ultimate Star Wars holiday, these Society6 artists created the ultimate fan art. Check out their incredible artwork; it's safe to say that the force is strong with these artists.

Society6 Artists Miai Faddoul and Cassidy Marietta

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1. Chris Bigalke

Artist Chris Bigalke grew up with Star Wars, and the movies were everything. "I remember going to Disneyland and the only souvenirs I wanted were The Art of Star Wars books," Bigalke tells Society6. "I would be in amazement of the incredible drawings in there and [I'd] practice redrawing them over and over again!" Bigalke, a self-taught painter, muralist, illustrator and graphic artist, created this bright and whimsical R2-D2. When reached for comment, R2-D2 said "beep bloop beep boop" and was in awe of his likeness (we assume).

R2-D2 Star Wars fan art

2. Berlin Michelle

Berlin Michelle is a Los Angeles-based artist whose favorite Star Wars character is Darth Vader. "It's inspiring to me that even as evil and how far into the dark side he was, he was able to come out of that and do good in the end," Michelle tells Society6. It gives hope to everybody that you still have a chance to redeem yourself and do better." Why choose the one side, when you can have both with Michelle's "The Dark and the Light" print?

“The Dark and the Light” by Berlin Michelle

3. Cassidy Rae Marietta

Cassidy Rae Marietta is an illustrator and painter that works out of her home in Columbus, Ohio. "I think we would be hard-pressed to find anyone out there who hasn't completely fallen for Chewbacca after seeing him in action—with his dreamy locks and crystal blue eyes," Marietta tells Society6. "He's such a lovable and devoted companion, and pretty much makes the best co-pilot, both in this galaxy and the next!" Now, that's some Wookiee warrior love.

“Most Loyal Pal” by Cassidy Rae Marietta

4. Maggie Stephenson

Maggie Stephenson is a self-taught artist and illustrator who grew up in Europe and currently lives in Florida. She describes her art as influenced by her European travels, and isn't afraid to use color and texture in her pieces. Her colorful and playful style is none the more evident than in her "Keep Calm and Droid On – R2-D2" print.

"Keep Calm and Droid On - R2-D2" by Maggie Stephenson

5. Maia Faddoul

Maia Faddoul is an illustrator based out of Montréal, Canada. Her work uses bright colors and imagery, often used to help tell an important message. In an interview Faddoul gave with Creative Arts Brewing, she mentioned that she doesn't have much of a set-in-stone creative process. "Once I have an idea, I bounce from paper, to iPad, to computer and I keep going until the chaos starts looking like the original thought I pictured in my mind," Faddoul said to the publication. "Also, having fun is mandatory!" Decorate you abode with the colorful "This Is The Way Mandalorian – Gradient" art print.

"This Is The Way Mandalorian - Gradient" by Maia Faddoul Framed Mini Art Print

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