Decorating Ideas for Small Powder Rooms


Do you have a small entryway powder bathroom? Is it just sitting sad and dingy, begging for more guests to come over and use it? I knew it. This is an epidemic that's affecting homes all over America today, and it needs to end! All you peeps need to get it together and pour some love into your powder bath. This room is often one of the first rooms your guests see and can add tons of personality to your home. Here are some tips for giving this tiny space a must-needed facelift…

Powder room with bold floral wallpaper

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1. Get inspired.

I know all you design buffs have a "Dream Home" Pinterest board that you drool over on the regular. If you don't, then what the heck are you waiting for? This is a great starting point to any design project, and there's no reason why you shouldn't be pinning for inspiration. At the same time, make your own style stand out. Just know that Pinterest is a great design tool that allows you to create mood-boards without the help of a fancy-shmancy-designer-friend. There's a world of design ideas out there! Go get "Pinspired" – wouldja!?

Powder room with bold floral wallpaper - before Powder room with bold floral wallpaper

2. Pick one bold thing.

After you hop on board the Pinterest train, pick one thing that you're absolutely crazy about. Keep in mind that this one thing should be more of an aesthetic decision for your powder room. If you want to create a bold look with a deep, over saturated color — perfect. Have you had your eye on a fantastic wallpaper print for years now? Then here's your chance to put it in your own home. Maybe you've had a major crush on some graphic tiles for the past two months and just don't know how to seal the deal? Hint, hint. This is your opportunity.

Powder room with bold floral wallpaper Powder room with bold floral wallpaper

I'm tellin' you, put the unimaginable into your powder bathroom. This is your chance to go big, even though it's a small space. Think big prints, fun colors, and unique pieces. Don't be afraid to experiment and make this room a bit more eclectic than other parts of your home. In the end, I promise you it'll all be worth it and it will be a statement piece that showcases your individual style.

If I could make one awesome suggestion, it would be to check out my line of wallpaper. It's the perfect way to incorporate my sense of style into this space, and it might give your room just the right amount of edge you're looking for!

3. Pull it all together.

Take this one "thing" and make it your main inspiration for the room. Everything you pick here on out should be complemented by it. This isn't a room where you have to pick ten million things and hope they all work out. You really only need to source a few pieces for this space. There are probably only three main things that people notice in a powder bathroom, and these things are most likely: 1. Mirror 2. Lighting 3. Sink. Make sure these things are out of this world AMAZING!

Powder room with bold floral wallpaper Powder room with bold floral wallpaper

My picks right now…

So, just in case you need some help picking these three items… For whatever reason, I'm really digging the circle mirror in bathrooms right now and think this one is great, and it doesn't break the bank! Also, be sure to check out flea markets, antique stores, or your granny's attic for a great piece to hang above your vanity.

Powder room with focal mirror

When it comes to sinks, I personally love the look of a vessel sink and think this Kohler one is great. Plus, it comes in white and BLACK! Don't be afraid of a black sink here people — it could look rad in your 'lil powder bath!

Amber Interiors Office Bathroom

As far as lighting goes, it's probably best to stick with sconces since the space most likely is too small for a huge pendant. I love a sconce with an Edison bulb like this one. It'll give your small room the perfect warm glow you're looking for. If you have enough room for a cool pendant as well, by all means, go for it! Just make sure it's not too bulky for the space.

Powder room with bold floral wallpaper and scone lighting

I hope this post inspired you to go big or go home with your sad and lonely powder bathroom. Remember, it's your chance to experiment, and since it's such a small space, it can most definitely be designed on a dime while being exciting at the same time!

Powder room with dark walls and ceiling

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