5 Beautiful DIY Terrarium Kits to Bring a Touch of Nature Indoors


Are you stuck indoors? After quarantining for most of 2020, there's no better time than the present to get our homes feeling even more cozy.


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In case you haven't heard of terrarium kits, they contain essential garden-building materials that can bring a magical ecosystem to life. Fortunately, you don't have to spend big bucks to get your hands on one. In fact, there are several DIY kits available for purchase online. Your abode will be more zen than ever with this beautiful addition. If you have a green thumb, this might even be your new favorite home decor item. Check out these five beautiful DIY terrarium kits!

1. Terrarium DIY Succulent/Cactus Kit – Bliss Gardens

This starter kit will get you up and running. If you are new to the terrarium world, this product includes a helpful step-by-step instruction manual so you won't be scratching your head trying to figure out how to put it together. It comes with all organic materials zipped up neatly in bags, including hand-mixed succulent potting soil, activated charcoal, semipolished river rocks, preserved reindeer moss and orchid bark. You should note that this isn't a one-stop shop, as you will need to get your own container and plants to suit your tastes.

Available at Amazon:​ Terrarium DIY Succulent/Cactus Kit – Bliss Gardens

Succulent/Cactus Terrarium Kit

2. Blushing Mushroom Miniature Air Plant Terrarium – MyCraftyResource

A pretty package all in one! This seller on Etsy offers tiny terrarium kits that are a cute addition to any space.

Each kit comes with a live tillandsia air plant that only needs to be watered once or twice a week (we're looking at you, busy bees). Not only are they low maintenance but they are built to have long-lasting power. The clear glass cork bottle comes with reindeer moss placed behind a mushroom in the color of your choice. MyCraftyResource points out that air plant species and colors may vary due to the season and availability.

Available at Etsy:​ Blushing Mushroom Miniature Air Plant Terrarium – MyCraftyResource


3. DIY Moss Wall Art Kit – NaturelyBox

There's no rule about having to set your terrarium kit on a surface. Instead, this seller on Etsy offers a kit that can be hung on your wall for a stunning touch of nature right in your home. Buyers say it is "beautifully packed" and comes with "no crushed blossoms," which is a win-win situation.

The DIY moss wall art kits are easy to assemble and need zero maintenance, which is another plus. The description shares that the plants are 100 percent naturally preserved, and light and water are not required. Give it as a gift for a birthday, anniversary or holiday. Of course, you can also keep it for yourself – we won't tell!

Available at Etsy:​ DIY Moss Wall Art Kit – NaturelyBox

DIY Moss Wall Art Kit

4. Mini Terrariums Craft Kit – Craft Crush

Are you ordering from Amazon all of the time? Well, you can quickly nab this adorable kit from Craft Crush if you're looking for modern-looking terrariums. With this kit, you can make three mini terrariums in geometric containers.

You won't need any special tools or items to put it together. Also, you can simply roll up the felt pieces to make succulent "plants" that don't need a drip of water. Add some faux moss and pebbles and it will wow you and your friends. Who knows, they may even ask to have one! These can be hung on the wall or simply set on a surface as a playful knickknack.

Available at Amazon:​ Mini Terrariums Craft Kit – Craft Crush

Mini Geometric Terrariums Craft Kit

5. Air Plant Terrarium Stand – BlissGardens

Perhaps you love stopping by the metaphysical shops for crystals and also have a green thumb. If so, look no further than this DIY kit sold on Etsy. It comes with an oval glass, air plants, purple amethyst, black sand, moss, flower pods and a black metal stand. Amethyst is said to promote calm, balance and peace. Furthermore, if you're born in February and are an Aquarius, this may be even more suitable for you.

Many purchasers have put the kit in their kitchen, living room or office. It's a rare find and a thoughtful present since it won't require too much maintenance. The air plants need to be dipped in water once a week and should be placed in bright, indirect light.

Available at Etsy:​ Air Plant Terrarium Stand – BlissGardens

Air Plant Terrarium Stand

By getting your hands on a terrarium kit, you will have your home feeling stylish and sophisticated. You can personalize it with your own design and keep it thriving with little to no maintenance. Who says you need to go outside to feel a touch of nature?

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