10 DIY Lantern Kits on Etsy for Creating Ambience


Who isn't mesmerized by the soft glimmer of a candle-lit lantern on a dark night? Absolutely no one, that's who. And if you're a crafter, I'm sure you'll enjoy the ambience all the more if you've created that lovely lantern yourself. Intrigued? Great, because we've gathered a variety of some of the prettiest lantern-making kits on Etsy. No matter your personal style or mood, you're sure to find the right kit for you. Ready, set…glow!

DIY lantern kits on Etsy

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1. Laser Cut Japanese Pagoda Lantern Kit

How lovely is this mini Japanese pagoda lantern by Etsy seller 1 Man 1 Garage? Laser cut to precision out of thin sheets of birch wood, the pieces of this lantern come flat-packed and ready for you to assemble, kind of like a 3D puzzle that turns into functional decor when you're done! But, don't worry, you won't puzzle over how to make it. Simply follow the assembly instructions provided on their website. What's more, your enjoyment of this lantern is two fold. By night, you'll enjoy the patterned shadows this lantern casts. By day, this intricately cut pagoda makes an absolutely stunning piece of home decor!

Order your own Japanese Pagoda Lantern kit on Etsy from 1 Man 1 Garage.

Laser Cut Japanese Pagoda Lantern Kit Illuminated Japanese pagoda lantern at night. Image Credit: Etsy Laser Cut Japanese Pagoda Lantern Kit By day, it’s just as beautiful! Image Credit: Etsy

2. Origami Box String Lantern Kit

This fun kit has everything you need turn Christmas lights into a string of multicolored origami boxes. If you've always wanted to try your hand at the ancient art of Japanese paper folding, then this can be the perfect introductory project for you. The kit is offered by Twig And Bone Design and it contains a string of 20 lights and a color-coordinated selection of both solid and patterned origami paper. It has instructions and even one pre-folded box for you to use as a reference!

Get your Origami String Light Kit on Etsy from Twig And Bone Design.

Origami Box String Lantern Kit

3. Crepe Paper Jar Lantern Kit

Here's a fun lantern kit by Copse and Spinney made especially for kids. The stained glass effect is created by decoupaging multi-colored pieces of translucent crepe paper onto the surface of a glass jar. This kit also comes with other decorative accents like paper stars and shadow decoration templates, and includes enough materials for two lanterns.

Order your own kids' crepe paper jar lantern kit on Etsy.

Crepe Paper Jar Lantern Kit

4. Village Lights Paper Lantern Kit

This paper lantern village sold by Miss Kitty's Oddities would create the perfect ambience during the winter holidays. Or, this set can also serve as fanciful nightlights for any storybook loving youngster (or adult!) all year 'round. The village consists of a quaint church and three houses made of medium-weight cardboard paper, and calls to mind old-word folk tales a la The Brothers Grimm. Pieces come pre-cut and perforated, ready for you to assemble and enjoy.

Get this charming Village Lights Lantern kit on Etsy.

Village Lights Lantern Craft Kit

5. Wood and Paper Lantern Kits

Here's a collection of sophisticated lanterns that would look elegant indoors or out. Like the first kit featured in our list, the pieces of this laser-cut lantern kit by DangerLaser come flat packed and ready to assemble. These lanterns also feature mulberry paper screens that not only softly diffuse the light, but are fire retardant for an added measure of safety. Wood pieces are attached by sturdy mortise and tenon joinery for stability.

Choose from a variety of lantern designs here at Danger Laser's Etsy shop.

Wood and Paper Lantern Kits

6. Macrame Lantern Kit

Macrame fans, here's a lantern you're bound to love! This boho beauty by The Hanging Cactus would be the perfect piece to display alongside macrame wall art and hanging planters. Each kit contains all you need to create a macrame jar lantern, and the shop owner will also supply video instructions for learning the macrame knots. You'll get a lovely lantern ​plus​ learn a new skill. We think these kits would also make the perfect gifts for craft-loving friends.

Get your macrame lantern kit from The Hanging Cactus on Etsy.

Macrame Lantern Kit

7. Fairy Lanterns Kit

Fairies and unicorns. Need we say more? If you're looking for a fun craft for the fantasy-loving kid in your life, look no further than Ricky Star Gifts on Etsy. While lots of other kits only make one lantern, this kit's got everything your little one needs to customize ​two​ whimsical lanterns with the magical elements of their choice. These, of course, include fairies, flowers, unicorns, butterflies and other enchanting sundries.

Get this fantastical fairy lantern kit on Etsy.

Fairy Lanterns Kit

8. Zombies Paper Lantern Kit

We loved the lantern kits from Miss Kitty's Oddities so much, we've included another one – this time something on the spooky side! If you're looking for additional Halloween decor or if you're just a horror movie buff, this is the lantern kit for you. It's also affordable option in the $5 and under range. For even more crafty fun, we recommend decorating this pre-cut lantern with additional elements that call to mind the living dead. For example, splatter the exterior with red paint or glue on some fun fake flies!

Find this Zombie-themed Paper Lantern kit on Etsy.

Zombies Paper Lantern Kit

9. Diwali Lantern Kit

Celebrate Diwali (the Hindu festival of lights) the crafty way by making traditional Diwali lanterns (known as Aakash Kandil) using this fun kit from Siddhi Decor. Kids can mix and match elements to create their own unique color combinations. Upon purchase, the shop will also send you a link to a video tutorial. And we do ​love​ a good video tutorial around here.

Get your Aakash Kandil kit on Etsy. To teach kids about Diwali, check out this book!

Diwali Lantern Kit

10. Paper Pyramid Lantern Kits

Last but not least, The Lantern Yard on Etsy not only sells pre-decorated paper pyramid lantern kits for festive days like El Dia de los Muertos and Christmas, but also a blank kit so you can design your very own. The kits include willow sticks for the pyramid frame, craft tissue for the screens, an LED candle and everything else you'll need for a full day of lantern-making fun.

Check out The Lantern Yard on Etsy and pick the kit that's right for you.

Paper Pyramid Lantern Kits

Whatever lights your fire, be it fairies or seasonal festivities, we hope you've found our glowing recommendations for DIY lantern kits highly illuminating – or better yet, that they've set your imagination alight. Ok, I'll stop now. Happy Etsy-ing!

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