How to Remove Scratches From Silver Plate Flatware


Things You’ll Need

  • Mild dish soap

  • Soft cloths

  • Soft dish towels

  • Distilled water

  • Washing soda

  • Rubbing alcohol

Clean plates and flatware Silver is a common material for flatware. Image Credit: Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

Silver plate flatware has a silver coating applied over another metal, such as brass, pewter, copper, tin or zinc. Since silver is a soft metal, you can easily scratch the flatware due to improper care or cleaning. These scratches will cause the silverware to appear dull and dingy. Once you have removed the scratches, take the necessary precautions to prevent further damage to the flatware. For instance, do not use abrasive cleaners as these will leave scratches on the surface.

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Step 1

Wash the silver-plated flatware as you normally would in warm water and liquid dish soap with a soft cloth. Rinse the flatware with warm water and wipe it dry with a soft dish towel.

Step 2

Combine equal parts distilled water, washing soda and rubbing alcohol in a small bowl to form a paste.

Step 3

Scoop a small amount of the paste out of the bowl with a soft cloth. Rub the paste into the scratches with a circular motion.

Step 4

Let the paste dry for several seconds before rinsing the flatware with distilled water. Rinse the flatware a second time with equal parts distilled water and rubbing alcohol. Wipe the silver-plated flatware dry with a soft towel.


Store silver plate flatware for an extended period of time in a padded silverware container to prevent tarnish.

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