How to Look Older: 15 Beauty Tips and Tricks That Work


How To Look Older Than You Are | While most of us want to know how to look younger, there are tons of great makeup application techniques, hairstyle looks, and fashion tips for tweens and gals in their early 20s who want to look older than they really are. If you have a baby face and want to know how to look older naturally with makeup, with hair, and with clothes, this post has all the beauty secrets and lifestyle hacks you need to know!

Do you want to look older and more mature? Don’t worry – soon you’ll be scouring for tips to make you look more youthful! While the world is obsessed with youth, there are some instances where looking older can really pay off, such as in professional settings. There are a number of tips and tricks you can use to make you look more mature and polished, from the way you dress to how you do your makeup. Ready to learn how to look older? Here’s our best advice!

How to Look Older: 15 Tips and Tricks

1. Check Your Posture
Having good posture is so important – it completely changes the way you carry yourself. Good posture is synonymous with increased confidence, making you look taller and stronger, while slumping gives off the total opposite vibes. Not to mention, there are plenty of physical benefits of having good posture, such as less tension in your shoulders and neck, and improved circulation and digestion.

2. Find a Good Tailor
When your clothes fit properly you instantly look more mature and put together. Your clothes will look even more expensive and polished if they are the perfect fit. Finding a good tailor is the best way to look like you have an expensive wardrobe without actually paying an arm and a leg to get one.

3. Fill in Your Brows
Having fuller, thicker eyebrows is a great way to make your face look more mature. Fill them in with an eyebrow pomade to give them more definition and to help frame your face. Thin, sparse brows can make you look younger, so make sure they’re filled in and shaped well to accentuate your best features!

4. Learn How to Contour
Contouring is another way to give your face more definition and poise. It helps distinguish your cheeks, jawline and nose, hiding the roundness of your face, which can make you look younger. Use a contour palette to sculpt your best features.

5. Invest in a Steamer
A good steamer will help solve (almost) all your clothing woes. If you don’t have time to go to the dry cleaner, a steamer will easily do the trick! It will make your clothes look amazing and polished, making you look more mature when you wear them.

6. Find a Good Coat
A gorgeous, fitted coat will help you look older in a pinch. Say goodbye to the fleece and teddy coats you wore in college, and hello to a nice trench or statement jacket. Black, camel and grey are great neutral jacket colours that will work well with any pieces in your wardrobe!

7. Get a Pair of Professional But Trendy Glasses
Whether you need glasses for distance or reading, opt for a pair that are professional yet trendy. Instead of wearing your contacts, rock your glasses to give yourself a more mature look. Black, brown, tortoise shell or clear frames are all great options!

8. Perfect a Polished, Low Bun
A polished, low bun is the perfect hairstyle to wear if you want to look older. It’s chic and sophisticated, plus totally easy to do. Follow the tutorial below  to recreate this sleek look at home. You’ll need a pin tail comb, the COLOR WOW Texturizing Spray and a good hairspray to perfect the look.

Low Bun Tutorial | Lydia Tomlinson

9. Try a Lob
The lob, or long bob, is a classic, polished hairstyle that can make you look older. It’s very chic and trendy, and since it cuts off just above the shoulders, it gives you a really clean and mature look. Longer hair can often make you look younger, so opt for a shorter cut if your hair allows.

10. Rock a Bold Lip
Wearing a bold lipstick colour, like a poppy red, can make you feel more confident and look more mature. A matte red lip is very sophisticated, and will make you look more polished than if you wear, say, a pink or fuchsia. Lip gloss is a more youthful product, so if you’re trying to look older, put the gloss away.

11. Curl Your Hair
While straightening your hair is often faster, curling your hair with a curling wand will make you look older. It gives you more volume and the illusion of having thicker hair, making you appear more mature. Opt for a soft, big curl over beach waves, which can make you look younger and less polished. You can also use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to help boost your natural volume!

12. Build a Professional Wardrobe
Start building a professional-looking wardrobe with pieces that make you feel mature and confident. Pencil skirts and dress pants in neutral colours like black, grey and navy are always great to have on hand, and white button up blouses can dress up any look. A timeless pair of dark-wash skinny jeans are also key. Invest in a few great blazers and comfortable yet stylish flats, mules and low heels you can wear on the daily.

13. Keep Your Accessories Minimal
Wearing a statement bracelet or earrings can dress up an outfit, but wearing a bunch of bigger, statement pieces together can make you look younger and less professional. Stick to minimalist jewelry like dainty gold bracelets, rings and earrings. It will give you a polished look without being too over the top.

14. Master the No-Makeup Makeup Look
Opt for makeup in more subdued shades that complement your skin tone and eye colour. You don’t want to look like you have a full face of makeup plastered on, but find a good foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeshadow and blush for a put-together look that also looks like you’re not trying too hard. A bit of black eyeliner never hurts either!

15. Neutral Wardrobe Colours
While it’s fun to have some colourful pieces in your wardrobe, if you want to look older, stick to more neutral colours such as black, white, camel, navy blue, and grey. If you’re going to go for colours, olive green and burgundy are also great options. These colours will help you look more polished and mature, while colours like pinks, bright blues and yellow tend to give off a younger vibe.

Ready to look older and more mature? Use these tips and trick to look more polished, professional and mature!

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