How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup: 7 Products and Techniques That Work


How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup | While we’re all for sharing your tat (or tats) with pride, there will be times when it’s not appropriate. Whether you need to cover your tattoo for a job interview, for work, for a wedding, or you want to cover a poor decision (LOL), this collection of awesome waterproof makeup products and step-by-step tutorials will teach you how to make your tattoos disappear when you need them to! #tattoo #tattoomakeup #tattootips

Tattoos are works of art, and most often people get tattoos because they want to display them. Whether they’re meaningful or not, tattoos help you stand out and highlight your individuality. However, there will likely be times where they don’t exactly fit with your aesthetic. From formal events to interviews to job restrictions, if you’re wondering how to cover up a tattoo, you’ve come to the right place! We’re letting you in on the best makeup to cover tattoos as well as the best techniques! Let’s get started!

How Long Do I Have to Wait Before Covering a Tattoo?

Typically, your tattoo will heal in two to three weeks, but it can take up to two months for it to heal completely. You shouldn’t try to cover your tattoo if it’s fresh or hasn’t peeled yet as it can cause irritation or infection, or ruin the ink. Once your tattoo and the skin around it is healed, you can cover it up for work, special occasions or any time you don’t want it on display.

How to Cover Up a Tattoo: 7 Things You Need to Know

1. Do a Trial Run
If you’re covering up your tattoo for a special event, you don’t want to leave it until the day of, in case the makeup doesn’t work like you want it to. Make sure to do a trial run to cover up your tattoo before the day of the event. This way you can practice and also switch out any products that don’t work for your skin.

2. Make Sure Your Skin is Clean
Before covering up your tattoo, make sure your skin is clean to prep it for the makeup you’re going to apply. If you have a small tattoo, you can cleanse it with a facial wipe, and if you have a large tattoo, or tattoos that cover the majority of your skin, take a shower or bath.

3. Apply a Primer
Once your skin is clean, you should apply a primer to ensure the makeup you use to cover your tattoo stays in place. This is especially important if your skin is oily, which makes makeup more prone to wear off.

4. Orange to the Rescue
Did you know using orange can help neutralize the dark colour of your tattoo? Use an orange cream shadow or lipstick before applying any concealer or foundation to help minimize the appearance of your tattoo.

Apply your orange product of choice to the tattoo only, being careful not to get it on too much skin around your tattoo. Once you’ve applied it, make sure to go over it with a translucent setting powder to keep it in place and eliminate stickiness.

5. Trace Tattoo with a Concealer
Use a stick concealer that’s a couple shades lighter than your skin tone to trace over the area of your tattoo. Blot or dab the concealer onto the skin, rather than rubbing it. Rubbing it will move it around, rather than provide coverage. Cover your tattoo in an even layer and wait for it to dry.

6. Foundation is Key
A foundation that covers tattoos (our favourites are listed below!) will do the bulk of the coverage. You can use a liquid, cream or spray foundation, and make sure it matches your skin tone. If you use a liquid or cream foundation, use a makeup sponge or stippling brush to apply it. You may need to use your fingers to blend the edges.

7. Finish with a Setting Spray
A setting spray will ensure your tattoo stays covered all day or night. It will prevent the makeup from rubbing off onto your clothes or furniture, just make sure the area is dry before trying to put clothing over it.

Makeup to Cover Tattoos: 5 Products to Try

1. Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup Foundation
You may have heard people raving about Dermablend on social media, and for good reason! Originally created by dermatologists to cover up scars and acne, it’s probably the best tattoo cover up foundation out there. Containing high-performance pigments and a buildable, blendable formula, you’ll love how Dermablend covers your tattoos.

2. Covermark Foundation
Covermark foundation is another top performing product for covering tattoos. It’s a lightweight, blendable formula that allow your to build coverage and leaves you with the look of glowing, natural skin!

3. Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation
This high pigment foundation offers long lasting full coverage. With tattoos herself, Kat V Don created this foundation to provide exceptional coverage that also leaves your skin looking flawless.

4. Mehron Makeup Concealer
This creamy concealer formula was designed to maximize coverage, making it perfect to help you conceal your tattoos. With five shades in the palette, they’re all blendable, so it will work on many skin tones. You’ll be able to mask tattoos easily with this awesome concealer!

5. Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer
This concealer is one of the best drugstore makeup products to cover tattoos. It provides high coverage so you’re left with a flawless finish!

How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup: 2 Step-by-Step Tutorials

1. Covering All My Tattoos with Makeup | AshGhotCakessTV

To see how you can go from tattooed beauty to clear-skinned queen, check out this tutorial, where she walks you through how to cover up your tattoos. She has quite a few of them, so you really get to see the transformation she makes. She uses the Dermablend foundation to cover up and the Revolution baking powder to set everything in place.

2. How to Cover Up a Tattoo with Makeup | Khinda Hawari

This is another great tutorial for learning how to cover your tattoos and finding the best makeup to cover tattoos. She uses products including the Huda Beauty Fauxfilter Foundation and the BECCA under eye brightening corrector to get the flawless finish!

If you need to cover your tattoos for a special event, use these tips and products to conceal them whenever your heart desires!

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