Eyeliner Hacks for Beginners: 15 Makeup Tricks We Love


15 Eyeliner Hacks for Beginners | Learn how to apply winged eyeliner – and how to apply liquid eyeliner – with this collection of life-changing makeup tricks! You’ve probably already tried the tape, business card, and bobby pin tricks, and we’re excited to share so many other simple yet transformative makeup hacks to help you get the perfect cat eye every single time. Whether you prefer pencil, gel, or liquid liner, these tips are for you! #liquideyeliner #eyelinertutorials #howtoapplyeyeliner

Applying eyeliner can be a pain! Especially if you don’t know the right tips and techniques, you’re pretty much going in blindfolded. Eyeliner can completely elevate your look, taking it from simple to stunning in a flash. You can use a more simple liner look for work and add a wing to take you into the night. It can transform a simple jeans and tee outfit and be the perfect addition to a pretty party dress. If you love the look of eyeliner and are wondering the best ways to apply it, here are 43 eyeliner hacks for beginners you absolutely need to know!

1. Use Pencil Eyeliner Before Liquid Eyeliner
Rather than starting with liquid eyeliner, use pencil eyeliner first to define the shape you want to create. Then you can fill it in with liquid eyeliner- it will be so much easier and go on so much more smoothly! Once you define the shape of your eye with pencil liner, you can go in with liquid liner to achieve your desired look!

2. Try the Dotting Method
What’s the dotting method you ask? Draw small dots on the top of your lash line with your chosen pencil liner. Join them slowly with liquid liner, making it look like one beautiful stroke of eyeliner. Make sure you blend them seamlessly so there’s no trace of the dots.

3. Use a Magnifying Mirror
A magnifying mirror will help you achieve the perfect eyeliner look. It will give you more clarity while you apply your eyeliner and help you apply it without a hitch!

4. Winged Eyeliner Hacks | SmithaDeepak
The video below is short and straight to the point. She serves up 5 key eyeliner hacks you need to know if you want to perfect the winged liner look. They’re all easy and can be done using things you can find around the house. From creating a stencil with tape to using a wing stamp, these are simple ways to get a stunning winged look!

5. Mascara to The Rescue
Did your eyeliner run out just before you’re heading out to a party? Don’t fret- you can use your mascara instead! Use an angled eyeliner brush to apply your mascara as a liquid liner. It will work just as well and look just as great!

6. Start with the Harder Eye
There’s always one eye that’s more challenging to do makeup on, am I right?! Start with that eye so it’s easier to match. Otherwise, you may spend way too much time trying to match the more challenging eye to the easier eye!

7. Easy Eyeliner Tutorials for Beginners | Four Nine Looks
If you’re looking to perfect your eyeliner look, this video gives you 8 ways to do it! From the tape guide hack to the hair pin hack, dry eyeliner solution and more, you’re going to love these life-saving eyeliner hacks for beginners!

8. Use a Business Card to Achieve a Straight Line
Still working to achieve a perfect straight line for your winged liner look? Use a business card. Business cards are ideal because they’re thicker than a regular piece of paper but thinner than a credit card. Line it up with the corner of your eye and angle it where you want your wing to go. Draw the line while pressing down on the paper and you’ll get a straight line every time!

9. Try a Gel Liner
Are you finding liquid liner too difficult to apply? Try a gel liner with a fairly stiff brush for a much easier application. Gel doesn’t move as much as liquid, so it’s harder to mess it up. If liquid liner is proving tricky, you’ll love this trick!

10. Eyeliner Hacks That Will Change Your Life | Promise Phan
These eyeliner hacks are tried, tested and true! You’ll learn everything from the bobby pin method to using a lash applicator as an eyeliner guide, and afterwards, applying eyeliner will be a breeze! She uses a blend of gel and liquid liners to achieve her looks!

11. Don’t Hesitate
If you hesitate when drawing on your eyeliner, your hand will shake and your liner will go on wonky. Draw the line in one fell swoop and fill it in. Even if you have to redo it a couple times, it’s better than having a wonky line!

12. Eyeliner Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Beginners | Brianna Fox
The winged liner look isn’t always easy to achieve, but this tutorial breaks it down so you can create a gorgeous winged look for any occasion! It’s super easy to follow and she provides lots of tips and hacks throughout the step-by-step video so you can master winged liner once and for all!

13. Use Concealer to Perfect Your Wing
When it comes to eyeliner mistakes, concealer acts as the perfect corrector. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is using water or makeup remover to try to remove black smudges. Put some concealer on an angled brush and use it to erase your liner mistakes!

14. Practice, Practice, Practice
Don’t get discouraged if you try winged eyeliner a couple times and can’t master it. Like everything else in life, the more you practice, the better you will become. Practicing will help you get to know your eye shape and figure out where the liner sits when your eyes are open. Also play around with different mediums. While some prefer liquid or gel liners, others prefer felt-tip liners. Figure out what works best for you and keep practicing until you perfect your desired look!

15. 14 Eyeliner Hacks for Beginners | Tina Yong
With 14 eyeliner hacks, this video is packed with juicy tips and tricks for perfecting your eyeliner looks! From preventing your liner from spreading or smudging with eyeshadow primer, to setting your liner with the same colour eye shadow to help it stay in place for longer, these hacks are all ones you need to see!

Perfecting eyeliner has never been easier than with these eyeliner hacks! Practice makes perfect, so practice with these tips and tricks and achieve gorgeous eyeliner every time!

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