Eyebrows on Fleek: 7 Feathered Eyebrows Tips and Tutorials


7 Feathered Eyebrows Tips and Tutorials | If you want to know how to get feathered eyebrows, you're in luck! While microblading and microfeathering can yield beautiful results, you don't need to tattoo your brows to make them look fluffy and full. We're sharing 7 eyebrow hacks for a natural look you'll love. From the best eyebrow and makeup products, to easy application techniques, to step-by-step tutorials, learn how to adopt this trend as your own and keep your eyebrows on fleek!

Your eyebrows have the power to completely change the look of your face. They’re face-framing, eye catching and can be transformative. Eyebrow trends come and go, but for years, the look of full brows has been in vogue. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who has naturally full eyebrows, creating fluffy brows with makeup or cosmetic procedures has likely crossed your mind. Feathered eyebrows are one of the biggest trends in the beauty world right now, and for good reason. They’re beautiful, natural and just the right amount of wild, and we’re showing you exactly how to get the look!

What Are “Feathered Eyebrows’?

Feathered eyebrows are soft, natural and beautiful. You can get the look with makeup or a cosmetic procedure called microfeathering to mimic the look of natural hair, making your brows more full and lush. Your brows will have a bushy, feathered look, rather than a neat arch. Feathered eyebrows tend to look more wild and sprout-y in the front and a little bit longer at the ends.

What Is “Microfeathering’?

Microfeathering is a trademarked technique by Kristie Streicher. It’s a cosmetic procedure that uses a precise blade to create the look of individual hairs, and is a variation of the microblading tattoo process, but uses a very light touch to create the feathered look. Whereas microblading covers the whole brow area to create fullness, microfeathering is better suited for people who already have full brows, but have sparse areas. It’s used to fill in sparse brows, making them look fluffier and more full, without being too neat. The goal is to mimic the look of natural hair and its growth patterns, making it look as natural as possible.

5 Pros and Cons of Microfeathering

Pros of Microfeathering

1. Saves You Time
When you have microfeathering, it saves you time doing your makeup in the morning and when you go out since you don’t have to do anything at all to your brows. You also don’t have to worry about your brow makeup coming off in the water if you’re on vacation or going swimming. Everyone has such busy schedules these days, so any way you can save time is always appreciated.

2. You Get a Natural Look
Microfeathering looks incredibly natural. You won’t have to worry about your brows looking drawn on, and if you find it hard to do your eyebrows yourself, it can take the stress and pressure off. You’ll have an effortlessly natural look that you’ll love waking up to everyday.

Cons of Microfeathering

1. It’s Not Cheap
Microfeathering isn’t cheap, and since it’s not as permanent as techniques like microblading, you’ll have to get touch-ups more often. If you don’t have the luxury of disposable income, microfeathering may not be the best option for you.

2. It’s a Trend
Feathered eyebrows may be beautiful, but they’re a trend, and like any type of trend, there’s a risk that they’ll go out of style quickly. Imagine you get microfeathering and a few weeks later a new brow trend comes out and feathered brows are out of style. You’re stuck with them until they wear off, and they last for months!

3. It’s Semi-Permanent (And May Not Turn Out Exactly How You Want)
It can be nerve wracking getting a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure done, especially on your face. If your brows don’t turn out exactly how you imagined them, it can be upsetting thinking about the fact that they’ll be staying that way for months.

5 Tips for Natural Feathered Eyebrows

1. Prep Your Brows
The first step to get the feathered eyebrow look is all in how you prep your eyebrows. You want your brows to be as thick and fluffy as possible, so skip waxing, threading and trimming. If your brows are sparse, using a growth serum can help with growth, but don’t worry too much about this as you can use makeup to get your desired look.

2. Invest in a Brow Kit
Using a brow kit is key to creating the natural feathered look. Invest in one with two to three shades, such as the Milani Brow Fix Kit or the Urban Decay Brow Box, so you can customize the colour and get it as close to your brow shade as possible. A kit like these ones is especially handy if you’re just getting started with doing your brows. They also come with tools like tweezers to help you shape your brows.

3. Brush Your Brows
Before filling in your eyebrows, use a brow spoolie to brush your eyebrows upward, revealing your brow’s natural stroke and gaps. This will show you the sparse areas that need to be filled in. It also shows you the natural direction of the brows, making it easier for you to know where to draw your strokes.

4. Create Hair Strokes
Lightly create hair strokes in a feathered motion in the spots that don’t have much natural hair. Use precision to get the right brow direction, and use small upward motions to keep it as natural as possible. The hair strokes should be slanted towards the outer edge of your eye. Once you’re done creating the strokes, use a spoolie to fade and blend.

5. Feather It Up
To create a feathered texture, use a brow gel or pomade to brush your brows upward, defining the feathered look. Use a brow gel that adds texture and hold, but still looks natural, such as Boy Brow by Glossier, and make sure to use it gently so it doesn’t get too dark.

2 Feathered Eyebrows Tutorials

Feathery Brows | Natural + Bold Brow Routine | KathleenLights

If you want to master the feathered eyebrow look, follow this step by step tutorial for the perfect feathered brow. She shows you exactly how to get the precise strokes to create a look that’s natural and bold at once. She uses products including the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil, Anastasia Brow Wiz, and Glossier Boy Brow to create the gorgeous feathered look.

Easy Guide to Full Feathery Brows | Shelbey Wilson

This is another awesome tutorial to show you how to get feathered brows! You’ll need a dual brow brush with a spoolie on one side in order to push your hairs upward, creating the fluffy look. She also recommends the Sephora Collection Editor Palette with the wax and two brow shades so you can create the perfect shade to match your brows!

Ready to step up your eyebrow game? Use these tips and tutorials to create gorgeous feathered eyebrows!

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