Love Your Hair: 22 Flat Iron Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths


22 Flat Iron Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths | Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, this collection of quick and easy straightener hairstyles is for you! We've curated the best step-by-step hair tutorials for all hair types and lengths. If you want to know how to curl hair with a straightener and/or how to get beach waves with a flat iron, these hair videos will not disappoint. We've included lots of other cute and easy ideas, from soft waves to mermaid waves and more!

The flat iron is an amazing hair tool that not only helps you create smooth, straight styles, but can also wave and curl your hair. Flat iron hairstyles look effortlessly chic and are extremely versatile for your day to day endeavours. Whether you’re feeling voluminous straight locks, beach waves or glamorous Hollywood curls, you can perfect the look with a flat iron. Want to see how? Check out our favourite flat iron looks for all hair lengths!

3 Flat Iron Tips and Products

1. Use a Quality Flat Iron
For the most stunning flat iron hairstyles, of course you’ll need a quality flat iron. The ghd Ceramic Flat Iron is a favourite in the beauty world. It allows you to style and smooth your hair easily and eliminate frizz for lasting results. Whether you want to straighten, wave or curl your hair, you can use a flat iron to get your desired look.

2. Apply a Thermal Protectant
If you’re styling your hair with a flat iron, you’ll want to protect it from heat damage as much as possible. Use a lightweight thermal protectant for smooth, hydrated and healthy hair. This one contains argan oil to create a nourishing, protective barrier between your hair and the heat.

3. Wait Until Your Hair is Dry
When using any type of hot tool on your hair, it’s essential to wait until your locks are bone dry. If you see steam or heat sizzling when you use it, get out your blow dryer or wait longer for it to air dry. You’ll damage your hair more if you use a flat iron on wet or damp hair, making it weak and fragile.

14 Flat Iron Hairstyles for Short Hair

How To: 10 Easy Short Hairstyles With Flat Iron Tutorial | Milabu

If you feel restricted by short hair, this tutorial is about to break all your limiting beliefs. She demonstrates 10 different hairstyles you can create with a flat iron, from glam waves to tight curls to a straight voluminous bob. She uses the T3 SinglePass Compact Hair Straightener as well as products like Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil, Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine and Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion.

3 Different Hairstyles for Short Hair Using Flat Iron | sichenmakeupholic

These three flat iron hairstyles for short hair are super glam and stylish. She goes through each hairstyle thoroughly step by step so you know exactly how to master each one. To get the looks, you’ll need products including a large round brush, heat protection spray and of course, a flat iron! Whether you want a straight or wavy look, you can easily get either with a flat iron.

Easy Short Hair Curls With Flat Iron | Chelsi Madonna

Typically when you hear the word “flat iron”, you think of straight hair, but you can also get amazing curls with a flat iron, you just have to learn the right technique! Straightener curls take practice, but you’re sure to get the hang of it after a few tries. Along with a hair straightener, she also recommends products such as the Garnier Texture Tease, a sea salt texturizing spray and the Paul Mitchell Soothing Serum.

3 Flat Iron Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Soft Wavy Hair Tutorial | HYULARI

I absolutely love the look of these soft, wavy curls. She uses a different technique than is typically used to get waves or curls with a flat iron, and the waves turn out so beautifully. If you love the soft, wavy look as much as I do, you’re going to need the FoxyBae Flat Iron with the rose gold titanium plates, which make your hair really shiny whenever you use it. She also recommends using a thermal protectant spray to keep your hair from heat damage.

How To: Fast Mermaid Hair Waves Using Flat Iron | Shades and Braids

Mermaid waves are a super stylish and popular hairstyle right now, and she shows you how to get the look using a flat iron. She starts with washed, blow dried hair and notes that she didn’t use any creamy or oily products in the prep process because they make your hair heavy and prevent waves and curls from staying in place. For the mermaid waves look, all you need is hair spray and a flat iron, and you’ll also need a hair brush to help section your hair.

How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener/Flat Iron | Easy, Messy, Chic Waves | Michelle Crossan

If you love the look of messy, chic waves, you’re going to want to check out this hair tutorial! She uses a flat iron to create easy, effortless curls you can wear from day to night. She uses alligator clips to section off her hair, as well as Wella Hairspray, a Parlux Hair Dryer and a round brush.

5 Flat Iron Hairstyles for Long Hair

How To: 3 Easy Hairstyles With a Flat Iron/Hair Straightener | Waves, Curls, Straight | Alex Gaboury

Whether you want wavy, curly or straight hair, you can use this tutorial to get the look. She shares her favourite techniques to create easy beachy waves, and also creates a romantic Hollywood curls inspired look. For the third style she shares how she takes her hair from curly to straight to create a sleek yet voluminous look. She recommends the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener and you’ll also need hair clips for the glam waves.

How To Achieve Blow Dry Flick Style With Straighteners or Curlers – Easy and Quick | Lucy Scarlett

If you’re looking to achieve the perfect flick style blow dry look, this is the tutorial for you! It’s super easy and quick to do and all you need is a flat iron and argan oil. If you’re not great at doing hair and need something simple, this is a gorgeous hairstyle that will still make an impact. It’s particularly ideal if you have layers in your hair, and just looks super nice and textured!

How I Curl My Hair With a Flat Iron | Flat Iron Curls | Cynthia Dhimdis

Get these gorgeous curls with a flat iron by using her foolproof technique. She starts off by demonstrating how she blows her hair out with a hair dryer to get volume at the roots, then smooths her hair out using a round brush. She also suggests using a texture spray for volume and hold. She gives you great tips for creating flat iron curls along the way and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to do them yourself in no time!

Ready to rock these flat iron looks? Whether you have short, medium or long hair, try out these tutorials!

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