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What Is Mortgage Forbearance and How Do You Qualify?

"If you're having trouble making your mortgage payments, contact your lender to see if you qualify for a forbearance. bo

4 Year-End Money Tips to Lower Your Tax Bill

"Maximizing your 401(k) contributions is one thing you should do before the end of the calendar year. Towfiqu Photograp

Indie Bookstores Defied Amazon. Who’s Next?

"Independent booksellers, like Unabridged Bookstore on Broadway Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, once thought to have gone t

How Much Can You Get In Unemployment Benefits?

"Miguel Diaz, who works for the City of Hialeah, hands out unemployment applications to people in their vehicles on Apri

Why Do We Find Waiting on Hold So Irritating?

"Why does the hold music manipulate your mood? Will Ireland/Future Publishing via Getty ImagesIf Dante were alive today,

Do Diversity Training Programs Work?

"Surprisingly, the long-term effectiveness of diversity training workshops has not been studied much, experts say. Luis

Preventing Suicide While Protecting Gun Rights

"Haley Lillibridge, 25, answers the phone at CrisisLink, a suicide and crisis prevention hotline in Arlington, Virginia,

Can You Take Out Life Insurance on Just Anyone?

"Typically people take out life insurance on their spouse, but it could just as easily be a business partner, say. Moyo

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