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Are dogs colorblind?

"In many ways, dogs are human's best friend, but they may not be able to help you choose your next wallpaper color.Angel

What is a maxi dress, and how do I wear it?

"Maxi dresses aren't just for vacation anymore. With the right accessories, your maxi dress can take you from work to pl

10 Easy Dinner Ideas on a Budget

"Besides being cheap, these recipes are so easy your kid can help you cook! See more easy weeknight meals pictures.LWA/P

Is hippo milk really pink?

"Hippos are magical creatures, but the notion that they produce pink milk might be a bit more complicated (and implausib

Has a whale ever swallowed someone alive?

"Most whales are very different from the ones depicted in fiction, i.e. Moby-Dick and Jonah's whale in the Bible. In fac

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